Mazzarri: “We want to turn things around right away”

APPIANO GENTILE – "2014 started badly, but we need to turn it around and we’re hoping to do it right away." Opening statements from Walter Mazzarri from the press conference on the eve of Inter v Chievo.
"With help from everyone, including the fans. I hope to see a great atmosphere at the stadium tomorrow and that everyone helps us out a bit. And then we have to contribute to it with our play, and by staying sharp in defence. We hope to get going as soon as possible. This won’t be an easy game. We have to try and turn this negative period into a positive one," stressed the coach.
Then he gave his thoughts on Massimo and Angelmario Moratti’s presence in Appiano Gentile yesterday, as well as the statements from Erick Thohir: "We’re all extremely united in our objectives. You all saw it with Moratti here and with the statements from Thohir. At any rate, all these things were already very clear to me. I wouldn’t have said things I was unsure of. Do president Thohir’s words give me even further motivation? I’m always highly motivated; it’s just the way I am. I also told the players that if they take to the pitch with the same spirit I have then we’ll destroy our opponents. If I didn’t feel that way I’d quit coaching."
Mazzarri even gave a statement on the transfer market before focusing on the game again: "The club is looking to make their first moves, following my suggestions, and also by reducing the squad, as the president mentioned. Let’s see what we can do. If the club can add a piece here, one there… But now let’s discuss the game. That’s what I’m interested in, and I hope we play a match that’s up to our standards. The journey has just begun. And in my opinion, other than a few bumps in the road, we’re moving along quite well. We need to get back to being as competitive as possible again. Furthermore, when you talk about a transition year you also consider, for example, that you have youngsters available who still need to find a way to turn in consistent performances. This growth process for players who still have to become the kind of players Inter need can often result in naivety, which can cost you points." 
Mazzarri was then asked about Massimilano Allegri’s comments on Inter: "Allegri was asked a question in a certain way and he responded well, considering the way it was put to him. I’m not going to make comparisons. It’s not my style. I didn’t start any controversy. Anyway, it was a defence and not an attack on anyone.  He responded as he had to considering how the question was asked. "
Regarding tomorrow’s line-up: who will substitute Fredy Guarin? "Eugenio Corini is an excellent coach and I don’t want to give him any kind of advantage. Botta? He’ll be on the bench. He’s a talented lad, and clever. He has the right stuff to become a champion. In the meantime, I have to concentrate on earning points."
The coach was then asked if it would be worthwhile to focus more on set pieces: "We need to work a lot on set pieces, that’s true. We do it in training and we need to manage to put it into practice better during the matches. It also goes for the penalties, for example. They take them all well during training… [smiling]."