Milito: “Really missed playing, ready to do my bit for the team”

APPIANO GENTILE – 90 minutes against Udinese as he looks to rediscover his form and help Inter, which is what he wants more than anything else. Diego Milito spoke about just that in an exclusive interview with Sky Italia after this morning’s training session.

Also at the training ground today was honorary president Massimo Moratti, about whom Milito had this to say: "We’re happy when he’s able to come and visit us, as he often does. He’s always been very close to the team. He said hello to everyone. We didn’t have a lot of time to chat but, as I said, it’s always a pleasure to have him with us."

Milito was then asked if it’s a worry for the team that president Erick Thohir is not always present physically: "No, it’s not a worry for us even if he’s not always here. We can sense his support and we’re just getting on with our jobs every day. Now we’ve got the game on Monday which is very important for us."

On his fitness: “How do I feel? Tired [he smiles] but good. I’m pleased to be back, I really missed playing. It was a tough game against Udinese. I didn’t really expect to play all 90 minutes but that’s the way the game went and it was important to get all those minutes under my belt. How will I be used from here on in? That’s a question you have to put to the coach. I feel good and ready but I think logically you’d expect to be eased back in gradually. I’m ready to do my bit for the team when needed."

The striker also commented on Inter’s poor results at the start to the new year: "It’s only the actual results and we’re as disappointed about them as anyone, but the team is united and motivated. Unfortunately we were left with two defeats – two incidents in our games against Lazio and Udinese – but the team is alive and kicking. I don’t think we’re going through such a terrible moment. I’m sure we can win on Monday and turn the page. Things are going a bit against us, but hopefully it will start going the other way now, with the penalties, I mean. We haven’t been getting them recently. Episodes can change the course of games. Let’s at least hope they start giving us the ones that are clear. You could see it again on Thursday, there was a blatant penalty on me. Do I think there’s anything behind it? To be honest it does seem rather strange. The last thing I want is to place the blame on this, because we know we have to improve, but you can’t deny it’s strange they haven’t given us a penalty for so long."

An idol for the fans, Milito was asked if he feels he owes them something after his long spell on the sidelines. He replied: "I’ve always said I’m indebted to them because they’ve always been magnificent to me and have stuck by me in the difficult times. I really want to help the team. The fans deserve some joy, they’re always behind us and they will be again on Monday: we hope to give them a win."

Milito and Palacio together is now a possibility. "Personally, I regret not having had more opportunity to play with him, but the main thing is what we can do for the team." Potential reinforcements in attack for Inter in the current transfer window? "I’m not going to talk about that. My job is to play football and I’m concentrating on training."

El Principe also spoke about what advice he’s given to Mauro Icardi: "Unfortunately he’s had this injury and now it’s become a bit inflamed. I’ve given him some advice in private, it’s up to him whether he takes it on board or not. He’s undoubtedly an excellent player. My heir? Every player is different but I do think he can do great things for this team in the future."

Finally, Diego Milito was asked whether he’s made a decision about his own future yet. "No, I haven’t made any decisions. I was sidelined for so long that now I’m just taking each day as it comes and thinking about playing. I don’t know what will happen in June, honestly, I’m just living the moment. I’m really happy to be training with my team-mates again and we’ll see what how it goes. What happens in the future is the last of my thoughts at the moment. Would I sign a blank contract to stay at Inter? I’m really happy at Inter, I feel at home here and this club has given me a lot, but I’m not thinking about the future. Would it ever be possible for me to go back to Genoa? Everyone knows I have a special relationship with the city and the club that first brought me to Europe. I’ll always be grateful to Genoa. I don’t know what could happen. As I said, for now I’m thinking about nothing but the present."