Kuzmanovic: “Botta was fouled”

MILAN – Kuzmanovic gave his verdict on the match, beginning with the stonewall penalty not given in injury time after a foul on Ruben Botta: “It was a penalty and I have to say it’s not the first time they’ve not given us this sort of decision. And Nagatomo’s goal wrongly disallowed for offside? I knew straight away that he was level. There were some dodgy incidents at Udinese too. The referees are making a lot of mistakes with us.”

The Serb put in an excellent performance today: “The coach has backed me and I like this system. I gave my all to do what he asked me to: take charge of the team. In the end I was a bit tired having not played in so long. On a personal note I’m happy, at the start I was very patient and I couldn’t say anything, even though I wasn’t picked much, because the team was doing well. But I’ve always given everything to help the team and I will continue to do so. We’ve dropped a few points against sides near the bottom, just as we did today, even though we tried everything.”