Inter Channel, Hernanes tonight’s guest on InterNOS!

APPIANO GENTILE – This has to be one of the most highly anticipated editions of InterNOS, at least judging by the number of messages that have flooded the Inter Channel offices over the last few days. Inter’s new Brazil midfielder Hernanes is the star guest on tonight’s show to be broadcast at 21:00.

In the eyes of many, Hernanes is the man who can help inspire an upturn in fortunes for Inter. When he was reminded of that during filming for this evening’s programme, he recalled: "When I arrived a fan said to me, ‘We already love you as if you’d been here for ages’. I felt tremendous support from the Nerazzurri fans right from the off. I knew that sooner or later I’d have been able to win them over but I thought they’d want to see me on the pitch first…"

You can hear what Hernanes had to say on Inter Channel at 21:00