Cerrone: “Now we have a duty to believe”

FORMELLO – After Lazio v Inter, the 1st-leg
semi-final of the Coppa Italia, the Nerazzurri’s Primavera coach Salvatore
Cerrone gave a few statements.

Here is what he had to say:

"First of all, there were too many errors
on our part. We were already facing a top-level team, and then when we go and
make such silly mistakes… We can’t let in goals like that. On the other hand,
I’m happy with the mental reaction my lads showed, because we never lost our
heads, despite such an unfavourable result.

"I saw a team that continued to play
football and one that deserved more than a single goal. Of course, just to give
an example, had Capello’s shot gone in things would have gone differently. This
is a classic case of a result that, when analysed afterwards, could lead you to
believe the game was almost dominated by Lazio.

"But those who watched the match could
tell you it was influenced by certain individual episodes. Now we have a duty to believe, and we’ll look ahead to the
return leg with confidence."