Ausilio: “We’ve got very clear ideas”

MILAN – Nerazzurri sporting director Piero Ausilio spoke to Sky Sport Italia just ahead of Inter v Chievo.

Here’s what he had to say:

“This transfer window will be managed along the same lines as the previous two, keeping a close eye on figures and the budget. Having said that, some big players joined in previous windows. Handanovic, Palacio, Guarin, Icardi and Kovacic to name but a few. They will be the future of Inter for the next few years. We quite rightly have to review the numbers in our squad, given that we only have the league to think about, as well as giving some game time to the lads who haven’t featured much.

“Starting from scratch is a concept that applies neither to young players nor experienced ones. You build teams from their foundations, you need to start with the smallest, most stable parts and build the project upon them. This team is building its style with the coach. There are players here who, thanks to Mazzarri’s coaching and playing regularly, will become even better. You can see proof of that in the coach’s career: wherever he’s been, he’s done well. I’m sure that will be the case here too.

“Ranocchia has been labelled as the most likely man to leave? We want to look at things calmly. He’s a guy who’s done well and he can be the future of Inter. We have to concentrate on this game. Typically, if an offer comes in, we look at it.

“We need patience here at Inter because there’s been a change in ownership for the first time in 18 years. We won everything with the previous owners, now we need time. I know it’s difficult but we mustn’t get ahead of ourselves. We’re all calm and patient: it’s the only way to be. As I’ve said, you can’t begin with the roof, but with the foundations. We have very clear ideas.

“A Matri-Kuzmanovic swap deal? Kuzmanovic is an Inter player, Matri is at AC Milan: I really think it will remain that way.”