(IN THE PHOTO: Mario Balotelli during training)PITTSBURGH – Milan resumed preparations at the Heinz Field, Pittsburgh with a training session that began on Saturday at 10.40 local time (16.40 CET).All the players took part in the warm-up which consisted of a jog, lower body exercises and stretching. This was followed by an intense fitness session starting with running drills over half a pitch.The rossoneri also did a drill that focused on speed with the use of the obstacles and cones. The fitness session ended with sprints over 20 metres.Afterwards, the ball was introduced into the training session as the team worked on tactics across the entire pitch 11 v 11 with goalkeepers.The session continued with a practice match over half a pitch with goalkeepers.As has often been the case so far in pre-season, the players worked on set pieces at the end of training.