“Inter defeat Real Madrid. Roma lost to Manchester United. Balotelli like Ibrahimovic?, Chicharito maybe Inter,” Front Pages La Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere dello Sport, and Tutto Sport from Sunday 27 July 2014

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Good morning my friends and happy Sunday!  What a beautiful morning and I am feeling so energetic.  How are you?   Headlines giving priority to the latest scandal regarding the favorite candidate of the Italian Football Federation, Tavecchio, for a racist statement.

There is one headline making me say, really? hum? is precisely the declaration by AC Milan goalkeeper Christian Abbiati.  Why?  Oh well, here we go and you might disagree or agree.  According to Abbiati, forward Mario Balotelli can be decisive like it was Zlatan Ibrahimovic, but only if Balotelli gives his maximum.  Well, well, well, I totally disagree with Abbiati.   There are no comparisons even if Balotelli gives his maximum.  Ibrahimovic is unique and have proven in many years and with different teams (Juventus, Inter, AC Milan, PSG) to be “a decisive player” to win the league.  Balotelli has not fully shine.  True, I agree that Balotelli is a super talent, but that’s not enough to be a consistent crack like Ibrahimovic.    In any case, Tutto Sport stating that Balotelli has one month to convince Inzaghi and AC Milan, or else!.   Your take?

Ah.. hold on… continuing with my happy mood.  I love the headline on Inter hypnotizing Real Madrid with goalkeeper Juan Pablo Carrizo and forward Mauro Icardi!  Yep!  You bet I was doing my cheerleading for Carrizo! Inter playing in the International Champions Cup was the only Serie A team to win Real Madrid 1- 1 Inter Milan because AS Roma lost to Manchester United despite playing well Manchester United 3 – 2 AS Roma.  Previously, AC Milan who lost “badly” to Olympiacos will play today against Manchester City and Balotelli expected to play against his ex team.

As for transfer market, according to Tutto Sport, there is still interest for Manchester United forward Javier Hernandez “Chicharito” to join Inter Milan…  Will this work?  Do you think Hernandez fits Inter’s playing style?  It’s a fact that Inter need to sign a top forward considering they have listed only three for this season:
All 3 Argentinian forwards, Rodrigo Palacio, Mauro Emanuel Icardi and Rubén Botta who is more an attacking midfielder. Surely, Chicharito would have better chances to be in the regular lineup than at Man U warming up the bench, but I don’t see him at Icardi’s level… And you?

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Here are the front pages from Italy main Sports newspapers La Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere dello Sport, and Tutto Sport from Sunday 27 July 2014


La Gazzetta dello Sport
Front Page, Prima Pagina
Sunday 27 July 2014


The case. Storm around the favorite candidate to guide the Italian Football Federation
Tavecchio, political case for his racist statement
The protest of the fans explodes on the web. The government is disappointed and the PD considers it unrepresentable. He defends himself and not giving up

Now take a step back

Nibali, Paris is yours!

In the United States
Icardi and Carrizo hypnotize Real Madrid
It’s Inter in penalties
The forward reaches Bale for the 1-1
Ok Vidic and M’Vila

The other challenge
A good Roma closer to the achievement in the Manchester United show
Van Gall ace on the 3-0, but Pjanic from 60 meters and Totti start the comeback: 3-2

The interview
Abbiati: “Balotelli like ibra? Yes, if he gives his maximum”
Milan’s goalkeeper exalts the work of Inzaghi. Mario in the pitch against Manchester City

What craziness. The police avoid the worst
Three goals of Lazio to Peruggia
But immediately clash among ultras


Photo: Front Page - Prima Pagina, La Gazzetta dello Sport  Sunday 27 July 2014 - Domenica 27 Luglio


Corriere dello Sport
Front Page, Prima Pagina
Sunday 27 July 2014


Roma scares the United
Manchester on 3-0: magic by Pjanic and Totti: almost a comeback

The Federcalcio case
Racist joke, Tavecchio under fire
Delrio irritated. The PD asked for the resignation
The President apologizes: ” I am not racist”

A contract of top player until 2018
Pogba D’Oro (Pogba of Gold)

  • Juve decided to protect the Frenchman, the signature is close
  • Done deal for Romulo, now the forward: Lukaku or Osvaldo

Towards England
Cavani breaks with PSG the auction starts

Tour, it’s the triumph of Nibali “I thank the antidoping”



Tutto Sport
Front Page, Prima Pagina
Sunday 27 July 2014

Even politics takes the field
Tavecchio storm and FIFA observes

Darmina between Granata present and future
“Toro, I love you and I stay. But…”

Juve is dealing with the Frenchman
Pogba 2019
Marotta and Raiola, the agent of the midfielder, been discussing about the renewal contract for a long time, and by now in a definition stage. The salary referring to a 3.2 millions per season, plus another million for bonus.
The nationals arrive today in Vinovo: Pirlo meet again Allegri

Tonight back to the pitch
Balo, one month to convince Inzaghi and Milan

Summit, attorney and Thohir
Inter turnover on Hernandez
Guarin – United


Photo: Front Page - Prima Pagina, Tutto Sport Sunday 27 July 2014 - Domenica 27 Luglio