(IN THE PHOTO: the warm-up during training)MILANELLO – Today was the second training session of the week leading up to this Sunday’s derby with Inter at 20.45 at the San Siro.The players began training at 15.00 on the raised pitch behind the gym. The session started with a warm-up which consisted of some running drills using the cones and the obstacles. This was followed by some stretching before the squad worked on passing drills. The players continued to work with the ball by taking part in an 11 v 11 possession exercise on a reduced size pitch.The goalkeepers trained apart and worked on specific goalkeeping drills.The session came to a close with some extended tactical considerations ahead of the match with Inter.Individuals: Stephan El Shaarawy was back out training with the rest of the group following his day of rest yesterday after playing for the Primavera on Sunday.Birsa and Saponara worked on their personalised training programmes in the gym.The players will train again tomorrow afternoon at 15.00 at the Milanello Sports Centre.