MILANO - Stephan El Shaarawy gave an interview tro the Gazzetta dello Sport in today’s edition of the sports daily: “I know it won’t be easy to get a place on the plane for Brazil and I don’t have much time but I do have a clear objective in my head: Do well with Milan and get back playing for Italy. I want to show everyone, including Prandelli, that I’m in good shape. I’ll be doing everything possible”.
The player will be soon back on the pitch: “I always knew I could get back even though it’s been tough. Let’s just say that the crest has stayed high. I’ve suffered being out for so long but now I’m much more serene and of course I can’t wait to get back playing. My foot is better and I can move it like before, now I just need to get playing time. The time playing with the Primavera was good and talking to Inzaghi, I found out that he had the same problem at my age. He had an operation and seeing as how his career went, I’d say it brought him luck. The Primavera team helped me get back fit”.
On Sunday’s derby: “I hope to play in that match. I don’t have 90 minutes in my legs, but 20/30 in the second half would be possible. I want to help out in getting to the Europa League. It’s been tough being stuck at home. The worst day was during Milan-Ajax when the injury came back. After taking a shot I could feel that it had gone and then it was time for therapy. 2 months of inaction, then the conservative therapy didn’t work, so I lost another four months that  wouldn’t have lost if I’d had the operation. People have said a lot of things about me and some of them have hurt. Maybe that’s the other side of popularity, you can’t please everyone”.