< ![CDATA[MILAN – Stephan El Shaarawy spoke yesterday to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Milan Channel and Sky, "The pressure does not bother me. I even thrive on it. Even though I was out for a long time, I feel a lot of confidence and trust in me. I intend to repay it all. My reaction to the pressure has been to set myself the goals of becoming important for Milan again and reclaim my place in the Italy side, regardless of who will be the coach." Stephan touched on the impact of Coach Inzaghi: "He has an incredible spirit of sacrifice and he is putting it across to us. His desire and his charisma help a lot. In these first weeks he is asking more to bring out the right attitude rather than see the tactics working perfectly. He transmits incredible enthusiasm and this is his best quality. In particular, he has asked us to take care over the details off the field, such as diet and rest – things I value highly. The 4-3-3 set-up is already our starting point and you all know it is my favourite. Everything is falling into place for a great season." On next season: "I understand the fans are disappointed, but I can assure you that our game is solid. Just a little patience is needed. I am convinced that we will be ready by late August. I have a lot of confidence: I see the right spirit and commitment from everybody."]]>