MILAN – Enjoying his free morning with the rest of the Rossoneri squad in Pittsburgh, Riccardo Saponara spoke to Milan Channel before heading to Heinz Field for the afternoon workout.
The midfielder assessed the current situation: "Without doubt the coach is trying to get us to work on new things compared to last year's coaches. We need time to work to find our cohesion so I think we still need a few days to be able to express the idea of ​​football Coach Inzaghi is asking of us, 
“Losing two games by large margins is obviously far from satisfying, but right now these friendlies are just tests because we are working on new concepts compared to last year so we still need time to assimilate them, but I'm sure we will arrive at the beginning of the season ready. The coach has a very clear mind about what we must do on the pitch and wants everyone to know what he is to do and that practiced mechanisms become activated, which help the development of a more fluid game and our attacking schemes. We are working on very specific moves that can get in our heads with ease once learned and developed properly. Coach Inzaghi asks us for application; we are training as he wants and as for the rest, we are working well on many technical situations, we are on the right track. Before thinking about being players, the coach asks us to be men. Human values ​​are aspects that he holds dearly, and these values will give us a hand to become a real team. In my opinion, you can start to see the idea of ​​the game the coach has, but we still have to improve even though we left glimpses of something positive over and above the negative results. By 31st August we'll be ready."
On the next match: "Milan-Liverpool brings back memories. It always has a particular value. My dad, who is also a big Milan fan, also told me about it, and if you look back you see they were two completely opposite matches. For every Milanista the first broke our hearts and the other was an evening full of joy. The memories will come back when we step out for the game, especially for the coach because he experienced it first hand and that evening will remain forever in his mind.” 
Other themes: "The fans have already given us a great demonstration of affection on the day of the presentation at Casa Milan. We were all surprised by the warmth and affection that we were shown in spite of last season, which was not Milan standard. The affection from the fans will be an added value for next season and we hope that the affection never weakens but it is up to us to stoke the desire with our drive and application in addition to our actcual match performance."
Saponara continued with the comparison between last season and the new: "Last year was a season of transition, I came from a very small club and the transfer was very big indeed. Certainly my physical problems early in the season didn’t help, they compromised my preparation and the possibility to test myself against the top teams. My injuries continued for the entire first half of the season but then I think that the year was not particularly special for any of us individually. I have to look forward without looking back. I learned a lot in spite of the poor season and I'm sure the things I learned through my difficulty will help me next season, and the ones that follow."
Riccardo touched on some personal goals: "This year I want to try to hold down a first team place because I feel the backing of the coach and I will try to repay him on the pitch. My goal is to become a starter and play with continuity to help the team back to the heights. I can give even more than I did in the first friendly. There were many factors that went against our fitness levels, 
“As a winger I am very happy I have the chance to touch the ball more often and play facing our opponents’ goal, which should not be taken for granted. I'm working every day to make this role mine and I am confident that I can have a good season,
“On the pitch on the left I can say that between myself, Stephan, Constant and Albertazzi  a certain harmony is being created, which is required to play the coach’s schemes. Off the field I get on very well with everyone – I'm now sharing the room with Agazzi,
“We hope to start the first league game on the right foot to to give us a boost for the following matches so we can understand that we are a strong side and that we can set important goals."