MILAN – Trivia and anecdotes ahead of the first official match between Muilan and Spezia on Wednesday evening at the San Siro.
MILAN-SPEZIA, THE PRECEDENTSThe two teams have never before faced off in any official match although there is one friendly precedent. Spezia won a friendly match played in May 2000 at the Picco stadium.EX-PLAYERS BETWEEN MILANAND SPEZIASPEZIA: Paolo Sammarco (Milan Youth Sector player)
Players that have worn both jerseys include Davide Di Gennaro (Milan for 2006/2007 and then Spezia for 2012/2013), Hezekiel Henty (Milan Youth Player moved to Spezia before moving onto Perugia) and Simone Romagnoli (Milan Youth Sector player who played for Spezia in the second half of the 2012/2013 season.TRIVIA: Giovanni Stroppa coached the Milan Primavera side from 2007-2011 winning the Primavera Italian Cup in 2010. In the 2013/2014 season, he coached Spezia for a brief period before being relieved of duties in December 2013.MILAN’S LAST FIVE MATCHES IN THE COPPA ITALIA:2012/13. Juventus-Milan 2-1 Quarter final2012/13. Milan-Reggina 3-0 Last 162011/12. Juventus-Milan 2-2 (aet) Semifinal second leg 2011/12. Milan-Juventus 1-2 Semifinal first leg2011/12. Milan-Lazio 3-1 Quarter finalSPEZIA’S LAST FIVE MATCHES IN THE COPPA ITALIA:2013/14. Spezia-Pescara 3-0 Round Four2013/14. Spezia-Genoa 2-2 (3-2 pen.) Round Three2013/14. Spezia-Pro Patria 4-2 (aet) Round Two2012/13. Cagliari-Spezia 2-1 Third Round2012/13. Spezia-Sorrento 4-1 Second Round