MILAN – Here’s what players and management had to say after yesterday's derby match played at the San Siro stadium in Milan.
MAURO TASSOTTI"We got to the last game of the year with only a few players and with only  few subs. Pazzini hasn’t played since May and he didn’t match minutes in his legs. We were about to put on Mexes as we were suffering. We made a mistake playing the ball out and then it was put back in and Palacio did well. It was important for us tonight as we want to get as high as we can in the league. Now that’s a lot more difficult but we have more than half a season left and we have to try and win every game.” CHRISTIAN ABBIATI"We were under the cosh for the first few minutes then we came out it well with a lot of possession. We created a few chances and they didn’t then in the second half we dropped a bit and they came forward. There’s a lot of bitterness. I’ve been here a long time and when we lose a derby, I suffer a lot. We played a very good game against a great team and we created chances as well but in the end, it’s the result that counts. I’m Milanese and I’ve been at the club for a long time. Losing the derby hurts.”ALESSANDRO MATRI"Maybe near the end we were a bit more tired than them but we don’t deserve this loss. As far as I know we’re the team with the most possession in the league and the highest number of shots on target but all that counts for little as the league table is there for all to see. I really want to get back playing and I’m the first to hope that 2014 will be better for me and for the team. The best is on still coming and I’ve already been through periods like this before. It passes. Merry Christmas to everyone.”RICCARDO SAPONARA"It’s a bitter derby as we showed on the field that we deserved better than this. In the first half we created a few chances and on the second we dropped a bit and they got the goal late on. We’ll analyze the match with lucidity and we can start off again from the many positives in the first half and the second as well. That’s where we’ll start off for a better 2014. Conceding late on it hard to take. I was emotional to start the match but once I was on the pitch, I tried to put that behind me to help the team. Somethings went well, others less so. I’m playing in a position where I have to be fast and maybe in a couple of instances I could have held onto the ball more. I want to help in the middle of the field all the time and I won a couple of ball back trying to help the team. I think I gave my all as this year I’ve had a few injuries and I’m not as fit I can be but I think I gave some good signs to the coach. I believe we’ll do well in 2014.”MASSIMILIANO ALLEGRI (Press conference)"We dropped a bit for the last 20 minutes and we could have done better in the final 20 meters but I believe I the players and I have nothing to complain about. They did better than us in the last 20 minutes and they managed to surprise us late on. We have to improve in the league but we’re the only Italian side in the last 16 of the Champions League.  We also have the Italian cup. I saw a good game. Unfortunately we’re behind in the league and we have to start winning.”