Matri: “I want to get back to my best with Fiorentina”

ACF Fiorentina’s new striker Alessandro Matri was unveiled to the media during a press conference at the Stadio Franchi today, accompanied by sporting director Daniele Pradè and technical director Eduardo Macia. His first words were of thanks: “I’d like to thank AC Milan and the Della Valle family for what they’ve done for me and bringing me here.”

How important is this move for you?

“I’ve made a big decision. I’m extremely motivated to get going again. I want to get back to playing my best football with Fiorentina.”

What happened during your six months at AC Milan?

“I’m not bitter about anything. If I haven’t done so well this season, I’m the one who’s most to blame. It wasn’t an easy six months.”

Were you close to signing for Fiorentina at other times in the past?

“I don’t know really, though I heard about some interest when I was at Cagliari.”

Have any of your friends told you anything about Fiorentina?

“Yes, Brocchi and Vieri spoke very well about Florence.”

Can you play alongside Gomez?

“I certainly think so. We’re compatible. But obviously it’s up to the coach to decide.”

What about getting into the Italy squad?

“I think all footballers would like to play for their national team but first and foremost I have to do well with Fiorentina.”

Did the way Montella’s team play the game influence your decision at all?

“Fiorentina are a well organised side with lots of talented players. That’s what I needed.”

Are you only here on a temporary basis?

“We’ll decide with the two clubs at the end of the season. I’m only thinking about the present and the next game against Catania now.”

Are you ready to play on Sunday?

“Physically I’m fine. I’m ready if the coach wants to play me.”