Tickets for U-21s’ Albania friendly to go on sale from 1st August

click here) and at the and websites.
The ticket prices are as follows:

TRIBUNA EST MARE Euro    10.00
CURVA  NORD  Euro     5.00
CURVA SUD (ospiti)   Euro     5.00

Holders of FIGC and CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) cards valid for 2015 will be able to sit in the Tribuna Centrale (Tribuna D’onore) or the Tribuna Est Mare when presenting their card in person as long as they send a written request beforehand to with attached scans of a valid ID document and their FIGC card before 8th August or before all the places are allocated. Tickets for card holders can be acquired at the press accreditations box at the Stadio Riviera delle Palme on Wednesday 10th August between 19:00 and 21:45 CEST.