Osvaldo: goals to the sound of rock and roll

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MILAN – If you look at the story of 28-year-old striker Pablo Daniel Osvaldo you find a bit of everything. There’s a strong love of music, to begin with, and his favourite song is ‘Wild Horses’ by the Rolling Stones. He’s a rocker through and through, and he’s got the guitar chops to prove it. 

Osvaldo has also done his share of goal scoring in Italy. He’s not one to score ordinary goals either, and his contribution to the attack is often crucial. Siena and Juventus are the clubs that have been on the receiving end of his goals more than any others. And as Kovacic stated: “He always has the goal in his sights. He’ll be crucial in providing us with another option in attack.” 

He carries the look of a buccaneer and a decisive character. So decisive, in fact, that when he was asked as a youngster what he wanted to do with his life, he would reply: “I want to play football.” And when doubts would arrive, he was quick to dismiss them. “Don’t worry. I’m on my way.”

Osvaldo was born in Argentina, holds Italian citizenship, and also had professional experiences in both Spain and England. He has earned 14 caps and scored 4 goals with the Azzurri. His father was a worker in a metalwork factory, and his mother a clerk in a supermarket. He has three older sisters and a younger brother who often comes to visit him in Italy. Dani’s love for his family is as strong as his passion on the pitch. 

His passion also extends to reading and writing. “I enjoy writing poems and songs. I love Frédéric Beigbeder, a nihilist who believes in the dogma of speed. He said, ‘If we can’t be certain we’ll see tomorrow, then we’d better run.’ So let’s run.”

Run at Inter and for Inter. And for all the Nerazzurri fans who can’t wait to see his rock and roll spirit on the pitch.