Mazzarri: “The break will help us to recover”

MILAN – A disappointed Walter Mazzarri spoke to the media after seeing 10-man Inter have to surrender their lead just minutes from the end against Verona.

The coach began: “I thought we were very good in the first half. We conceded on our first mistake but then got straight at them again and carved out several opportunities. When we were 2-1 up we went close to making it three. But then again, one mistake and we pay for it – that’s the way it’s going for us this year.

“Too much possession and not enough penetration? Verona played very defensively and when that happens it’s not easy to find space. So you move it around and it’s difficult to make those penetrating passes.

“Of course you’re disappointed when a game slips away from you like that, but we have to accept the bad luck too. Take Medel: his second yellow was maybe giveable but the first perhaps wasn’t.”

What happened when Icardi was subbed off? “Mauro thought I was having a go at him but I wanted to make the change to get an extra 30 seconds. It was a misunderstanding. There’s no issue whatsoever. The relationship I have with Icardi is one of the best I’ve ever had with a player in my career.”

Are you disappointed with how Verona’s second goal came about? “We’re used to closing down the opposition and we were very tired. We could have avoided that goal without having to close them down. Jesus – as you’re asking me about him – is one of those who’s played every game. You can’t always keep a clear head when you’re feeling the fatigue. And that was one of those times.”

The club’s future plans were in the news this week. “From what I gather it’s a three-year plan. Naturally if you’re used to winning, which is right if you’re an Inter fan, and you start to struggle a bit then it’s hard. But I see the lads are fighting, working as a team and they’re hungry. Things can only get better after the international break once we’re able to get some of our players back.”