Kovacic: “Listen to the coach and work harder”

MILAN – The Nerazzurri midfielder gave us his take on tonight’s disappointing defeat to Udinese: “We did well in the first half, but then I don’t know what happened after that. It was a tough match, though if we’d taken our chances in the first half then we would’ve won,” he began.

“A coach can’t change everything in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, we’re in one of those periods and we just need to look forward. We’ve got a good team but we’re making too many errors. We must listen to the coach and work harder,” affirmed Kovacic.

Asked about his best position, the Croatian midfielder replied: “I’m comfortable playing on the inside left of midfield, or even further forward. But I need to improve. The most important thing is to do well wherever the boss asks me to play.

“Is there too much responsibility on me? No, I just concentrate on my game. I want to help the team. We’re not having a good spell at the moment, but let’s give Mancini time. Serie A is a very tough league, and every match is hard. We need to try and do better, one good half is just not enough,” concluded Kovacic.