Inter Forever 6-1 Jiaxin Weiye

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XI’AN – There were several highlights from today’s match, but we’ll start with the last one: Suazo and Zanetti receiving the award, respectively, for man of the match and for Inter Forever’s victory against Jiaxin Weiye. The game attracted over 20,000 fans, and who could blame them for coming? When players like Djorkaeff, Figo and Zanetti are on the pitch then there’s sure to be plenty of excitement. 

The game ended 6-1 and featured a hat-trick from Suarez, a classy effort from Youri, a stunning half-volley from distance by Kallon and a final goal courtesy of Luis Figo. The Portuguese winger notched his with his trademark step-over move before banging the ball in with his left, showing that, even if he has hung up his boots, he certainly doesn’t play like a retiree. 

The crowd was in a frenzy thanks to the performance, and soon the fans in Wuhan will get their chance to see Inter Forever on the next stop of the #ChinaTour2014. The local media has been highly supportive and the overall level of passion is off the charts, showing the project created by Franceso Toldo, and inspired by Giacinto Facchetti, to be a smashing success.