Icardi: “Equaliser came minutes from the end”

MILAN – Mauro Icardi gave an interview to Sky Sport Italia shortly after the final whistle against Verona.

He began by bitterly conceding: “We go home with a single point because of one move two or three minutes from the end. It ended as a draw so a point’s all we take home.”

Asked about what was said in the dugout after his substitution, he went on: “I was explaining that I couldn’t do anything in the build-up to that move. The ball was layed off and we conceded. The gaffer asked me if I was ok because I’d taken a slight knock before then when I crossed for Obi.”

The striker was then asked about the fans’ booing: No, I don’t understand it. If we’re playing at home we need the crowd on our side. San Siro should be our home.”