Campagnaro: “With fans

MILAN – In a recent interview with Sky Sport 24, Hugo Campagnaro kicked off with an honest appraisal of his season: “I’ve only made three appearances so far, two in the Europa League and one in Serie A. I hope things start improving now. I need to be in peak physical condition to rediscover my best form. Will I start against Roma? Without Nagatomo, I’ll have more of a chance, but there are other players too and it’s down to the coach to decide.”

The Argentine defender also spoke about how things have changed with Mancini’s arrival: “We’re playing better than we have been. We’ve got more confidence and are less tense. When things are going badly, you feel the pressure on the pitch and it’s hard to play your best football. The club decided to make a change and now we need to do our best for Mancini. We’re learning new things in a short space of time so we have to work hard. Mazzarri is a coach that gives 100% – you certainly can’t criticise his effort – but at times results don’t reflect that.”

On the subject of the switch to a back four, Campagnaro commented: “The coach is experimenting with me on the right, so I’m trying to adapt after so long as a centre-back. It’s different tactically and I have to run more, but I’ve played there for the national team. I need to work hard in training to make a big contribution.

“The match against Roma can tell us what level we’re at, but there is a long way to go in the league. It’s so important that the fans help us. Their support is fundamental for us to be able to give 100%,” continued the Nerazzurri defender.

The last word was saved for compatriot Rodrigo Palacio: “I think he’s feeling the effects of an ankle injury which has hampered him over the start of the season. It doesn’t have anything to do with his miss in the World Cup final. It’s always a shame to lose such a match but everyone makes mistakes, not just him.”