#AskKovacic: Mateo responds to the questions

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WASHINGTON D.C. – It was an in-depth chat with Mateo Kovacic as he responded to fans from around the world on Twitter. The midfielder spent nearly an hour answering the questions that were addressed to Inter’s profile with the #AskKovacic hashtag. Here’s a selection of his answers, covering subjects such as Inter, the national team, the World Cup and more. 

What do you feel when you play football? 
“Football is my life. I love this sport and I’m happy when I play.” 

What do you think of Vidic? 
“Vidic is an amazing player with vast experience. We need someone like him.” 

What’s it like to play in a World Cup at 20 years old? 
“It was a dream I had since childhood. Unfortunately we didn’t play as we know how and could have done better.” 

What is your favourite position on the pitch? 
“Anywhere in midfield. Perhaps in the hole behind two strikers.” 

Had you always thought about playing football, or did you have other ideas as a kid? 
“I only ever thought about football. I never imagined anything else.” 

What do you think of Mauro Icardi? 
“He’s a nice lad and a great player. I hope he goes on to score tons of goals for us!” 

What are your hobbies in Milan? 
“I go all over the city and I like to ride my bike in the centre. Or I stay home and watch films.” 

How will you celebrate your first goal for Inter? 
“First I have to start scoring, then I can worry about that…” 

Who have you become best friends with? 
“With those who speak my language, like Kuzmanovic and Handanovic. But Juan is a friend as well. It’s a good group.” 

What are your career objectives? 
“I’d love to win the Champions League, that’s everyone’s dream. I’d like to be successful with Croatia too.” 

How have the crowds in the USA greeted you? Is it strange to play in stadiums that aren’t built for football? 
“I think football will keep growing in the USA. I understand the appeal of MLS now.” 

Who is your favourite Inter player and the one you talk with the most? 
“I’ve learnt loads thanks to Handanovic. He’s a consummate professional.” 

At what age did you start playing football? 
“At 5 years old. I also played 5-a-side.” 

The best moment of your career? 
“Signing for Inter. At the World Cup? That will come next time.” 

Your opinion on the new shirts? 
“I really like them. They’re beautiful.” 

Why should Americans support Inter? 
“Because we’re FC Internazionale: we were born international.”