Allievi win the title: statements from Samaden and Corti

MILAN � The Allievi are champions of Italy and there was clearly a party going on. The youngsters could not hide their beaming smiles among the celebrations and flying water balloons. Roberto Scarpini managed to reach academy director Roberto Samaden by telephone. “It�s really a big party here, almost impossible to even enter the dressing room,” Samaden stated.

You must be satisfied when it comes to this youth system you oversee. It�s an award for everyone�s hard work.
“It means a lot to both Piero Ausilio and myself. We�ve been obsessed with it for quite some time. It�s a reward for the hard work that everyone in the youth academy has put in, and the 22 finals in the past decade are a clear sign of the amazing consistency.”

And it�s no coincidence that over the past 10 years Inter is the club with the most titles. That demonstrates without a doubt that there�s a solid foundation in place.
“Yes, it�s a foundation that began with the hard work started by Massimo Moratti, which allowed us to set out on a path that we continue to move forward on with president Thohir. Not long ago he sent me a message from Indonesia to show his support. There are two people that deserve mention: Gigi Casiraghi and Luciano Castellini. Their wisdom has been fundamental for the entire youth academy.”

Then it was time for a few words from coach Gianmario Corti:

“I�m incredibly happy, and this title is the fruit of years of hard work that is paying off for the entire youth academy,” stated Corti.

You certainly trained the team well on penalty kicks.
“We knew AC Milan are a great team. It was an even match. Penalties are something you have to train for and the lads were excellent. And then there�s the tension that�s involved, which is a discussion unto itself.”

Is there anyone you would like to thank in particular?
“I�d like to thank the academy director since he�s always believed in us. Also my coaching colleagues and my staff. We�re all celebrating in this party and not leaving out anyone.”