Hype Kettlebell Rack

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The Hype Kettlebell Rack is a stylish, double Kettlebell Rack, perfect to store your hand held weights. Helping to maximise floor space.  Hype’s Kettlebell Rack is an essential piece of equipment for any gym. Keeping your Kettlebells weights secure and removing dangerous trip hazards, by keeping them off the floor. Kettlebell weight training is a simple way and effective way to improve strength and build lean muscle mass. They can be used to perform ballistic exercises, combining cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training.Keeping your Kettlebells in this storage rack can also help to prevent floor damage and each shelf is fitted with a rubber layer, to prevent slipping – Keeping your weights safely in place. The Hype Kettlebell Rack is extremely durable, made to the highest standards and built to last. Offering an effective weight storage solution, helping to keep your exercise area and gym clear.  Weight training offer a simple and convenient workout. Perfect to help improve strength and physique. And the Hype Kettlebell Rack allows you to pick up and put down your weights safely.
Hype Kettlebell Rack is perfect for use in any home or commercial gym.

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