Leonardi speaking about club and transfer market at presentation of crest and season ticket campaign


Parma 21st June 2014 – General manager Pietro Leonardi has talked about the club’s situation and the transfer market at the season ticket presentation today at the stadium:

“We reinvested another time out of respect for the owners of the club and the people. I am more  confident and relaxed now than some days ago. The good players are already ours, we did an excellent job in the research, we don’t have to look closely at the World Cup, we are concentrating on who is going to the training camp with us. I said that Parma won’t sell off but sell: making money is not easy, better make it from players who don’t appreciate Parma. For example Saponara, who didn’t want to come in January and who dind’t want to come now.  Here you live well, there are people wo would run to come to Parma and our players want to stay. Ours are all still here. Torino sold Immobile and let El Kaddouri go to Napoli, we have taken the whole contract of Belfodil and Biabiany. We brought back Mendes, Ceppitelli is among the best defenders in Serie B. we want those players, the others can go somewhere else. MOlinaro? I want to thank him for what he did for us. We had a gentlemen’s agreement: I offered him 600.000 after tax, Torino offered 850.000 and it is his right to choose. We could do an investment like this”.

At the end a look at the World Cup after a question by a journalist: “Cassano? We can allow ourselves his contract. Only yesterday Antonio sent me a message with “Forza Parma”. And we say “Forza Cassano”, as we also support our other players. Speaking of him, did he play yesterday? Every time that I speak I am interpreted: I defend Parma, if someone would go and hear what I said at Udine he will see that I did the same there. Don’t touch my players”.