The Japanese brand works on a vast scale on a global level in the production and sale of pneumatics. The deal with the club was finalized thanks to the contribution of Infront Sports and Media, leader in sporting rights management. Toyo Tire has recently decided to strengthen expansion through new activities including becoming a sponsor of the most loved sports in the world thereby intensifying its branding strategy campaign.AC Milan plays its game in one of the most famous leagues in the world and boasts the highest number of international trophies won. Ever Sunday in Serie A, the team takes to the field with a playing style and personality fruit of a long and distinguished tradition in the game. The deal between the two makes the company the first Japanese Premium Sponsor in the club’s history and allows Toyo Tire to improve the presence of the brand in Italy and the image of its products.It’s a partnership that allows the company improved access to new markets, especially with the World Cup coming up, giving a peak to football’s popularity in general. The deal will give Toyo Tire new access to markets in Russia, the Middle East, China and South East Asia, where football passion is goring bigger every day.Here’s what the top management of AC Milan, Toyo Tire and Infront Sports and Media had to say about the deal:  ■ Barbara Berlusconi, club CEO and Vice President. “We’re happy to welcome Toyo Tire as a Premium Sponsor. It’s the start of a partnership which shows the club’s global appeal and we’re happy to collaborate with such an internationally important brand. We share values and common objectives which will be the centre of this relationship. It’s also a way to strengthen ties with the club’s many fans in Asia”.■ President of Toyo Tire & Rubber Co., Ltd., Akira Nobuki: “In the face of ruthless competition, brands have to win the loyalty of their customers in the best way possible. Our aim is to imitate the club’s image by remaining at a high level and never lowering the level of our performance, just like the Milan fans demand of their players. Our motto is “Driven to perform” and ti’s a great honor to be able to collaborate with AC Milan”.■ Marco Bogarelli, President of Infront Italy:”We’re very happy to have won the attention of an international level Japanese brand like Toyo Tire and Rubber. The sponsorship deal with the club as Premium Sponsor shows the ever increasing attention of sponsorship in the world of sport which year after year guarantees business an efficient return of their investment. Our leadership in the sponsorship market and the management of sporting rights allows us to create synergies between international firms and high profile brands such as AC Milan creating global visibility and brand awareness”.