(IN THE PHOTO: a shot from Monday's press conference)MILAN- This is what was said in the pre-match press conference by coach Clarence Seedorf and Michael Essien ahead of tonight’s last-16 second-leg Champions League match with Atletico Madrid at the Vicente Calderon at 20.45.COACH CLARENCE SEEDORFThe first questions were about the match with Atletico Madrid on Tuesday: "I’ve often been in a situation in which we’re not the favourites, even in years in which we achieved important things. The favourite was and is Atletico Madrid. I think the two sides will play in a similar manner to the first-leg. They have a narrow advantage, the game is open and I’m expecting changes with regards to the first-leg. Atletico Madrid are a team in the true sense of the word. They know what they want and they have quality. They may not have great champions, but they have two or three world-class players and a good level throughout the side. This makes the difference out on the pitch. Atletico have been playing well for years. They know each other well and we respect their strong points. We want to limit them to give us opportunities.”Can history play a part in the match? This is what Seedorf had to say: "Every match has its own history. In the Champions League there is a lot of history and it’s very different to the other competitions. We’re ready for a tough battle. We respect our opponents and we’re ready to take to the pitch. I see good signs from my team, they’re motivated and happy to play in these type of matches. When you lose a league game like we did, the chance to play soon after in the Champions League takes away pressure and provides you with a chance to write history. This club has an important history and we’ll try and honour that. They are good memories those from Munich. Milan’s history speaks for itself, the players are aware of this. In Italy and in Europe. History teaches us many things. In 2007 in a difficult time we found the energy from nowhere with some important performances. I’ve got this in mind and I have to be confident, brave and optimistic. I need to pass on the idea of battling as a group. We have to play with heart. Aspects which are more important than the technical and tactical side of the game. The rest comes as a consequence.”The team has to give a top performance tomorrow to qualify for the quarter-finals:  "Tomorrow we have to score the necessary goals to qualify. It’s 11 v 11. We’ll see who ends up as winners. The first match gave us an idea about our chances. We know it’s difficult, but we have to go beyond our limits.”The refereeing standards and what is allowed in the Champions League is different to the Italian Serie A: "I don’t know what to expect in terms of aggressiveness. It depends on the referee’s judgement. I hope I don’t see some of the things that I saw in the Madrid derby 2 weeks ago. Football in general is better than what I saw in that match.”An attacking Milan side tomorrow? Coach Seedorf calls for calm: "You need to have balance in these occasions. Clearly we’ll play differently compared to the start of the championship. It’s difficult to score a goal and then close up and hold on for a win at this level. Tomorrow certainly won’t be like this.”There was a thought towards the future: "First of all Milan share my project. I’m trying to take it forward on a technical level, with enthusiasm and towards a brilliant future. This doesn’t depend on this match that comes at a difficult time. We have to go through it all with serenity. There will be many new experiences for me tomorrow. I want to build with the squad the basis for the future. Tomorrow is an important opportunity. There could be incidents along the way, but the squad is determined and they’ve reacted thanks to the Champions League. It’s a special moment.”Focus on the individuals of Diego Costa, David Villa and Balotelli: "I believe that Diego Costa is an important player, just like Balotelli, but so are the other players. It’s clear that he’s a fantastic player, but the group plays well as a whole and they’re all to be kept an eye on. Villa is now available and we’ll have to be aware of his threat.”Seedorf also spoke about Poli and Kakà: “Poli is fine. In terms of tactics, we’ve already played offensively with him on the pitch. We’ll play in a similar manner, with lots of respect for Atletico Madrid’s strong points and taking advantage of our potential. There are 90 minutes to score a goal and maybe even two. Kakà brings with him experience and he’s a part of Champions League history but I haven’t got different expectations from him compared to the other players. Anyone can make the difference. He doesn’t have to have this responsibility on his shoulders. He’s always had the support of the team and for this reason he’s been decisive.”MICHAEL ESSIEN"I left Real Madrid and I went back to Chelsea. Then this new challenge came from Milan and now I’m here. Atletico Madrid have great qualities and we’re looking forward to playing this match tomorrow. What kind of atmosphere will it be? I haven’t got any idea, we’ll see tomorrow. In any case, it can’t influence us, we have to focus on footballing matters.”