FILIPPO INZAGHI TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “We deserved to go to the Scudetto Finals”

MILAN – This is what coach Filippo Inzaghi had to say to the Milan Channel after his Primavera side went out in the play-offs for the Scudetto Finals following a 3-1 defeat versus Udinese:“The lads gave everything. When I saw that Udinese had two players that have been playing in Serie A for 2 years, I understood a lot of things. On Saturday we used up a lot of energy, while they rested. The same players have always played this past month. I've thanked the lads for this season after an excellent UEFA Youth League campaign and victory in the Viareggio Tournament. They will remember the Viareggio Tournament forever. A full side, maybe, deserved to qualify for the Scudetto Finals, but compliments to Udinese. The injuries? We have a great squad, but some players are hard to replace. I've congratulated the players, we'll try and win the national title next year. The future? It's a quality group with a strong will to do well. It's been a while since Milan has won the national title and this is our objective for next year.”