CRISTIAN ZAPATA: “Seedorf has had a positive impact”

MILAN – This is an extract of what Milan defender Cristian Zapata had to say to the website ahead of the match with Atletico Madrid on Tuesday:"I think in the Champions League we’ve been very compact and solid. We’ve always been careful and we’ve given all our concentration to the task at hand. I think this is fundamental, especially when you play over two legs against teams that punish you with every error. I think coach Seedorf as a player was at the very top. Up until now he’s had a positive impact. I think he’s coaching really well. Let’s hope that Milan can become a great side with him at the helm. He’s got clear ideas. He shows us the movements and the runs that he wants from us really well. He’s very well organised and he’s a winner. He likes to win. His philosophy is that the team should always take to the pitch and be competitive. The squad needs to be aggressive and press the opposition, especially in defence. He doesn’t like the defence to be too deep. I think this is a positive thing. I believe that he gives you the mentality to take to the pitch and try and obtain a positive result right from the start of the match.”