Cooking workshop: it’s more fun together. 


Take one group of youngsters, patiently and carefully blend in different characters, add the stimulus of teamwork and a sprinkling of creativity et voilà, you have an idea of what our cooking workshop is like.

It’s a chance for our youngsters to have a finger in the pie by collaborating according to the rules, but also by learning to follow their imagination. The objective? To try out different and extremely useful approaches in an educational course, to test themselves in unusual and stimulating contexts. Feedback from participating adolescents about the situations that emerge is positive and similar to that of activities in the field. Also here, the various passages are managed by a workshop specialist and supported by the educator who works with the youngsters.  Like the project’s sports activities, all meetings end with cleaning the premises by the entire group and, above all, a short discussion on what was experienced and learned.

The evening was rounded off with a toast: in fact, to end the workshop the youngsters together with the educator and specialist organized aperitifs for parents and other such “illustrious” guests as the project staff, the minister/priest of the host parish, and a group of gentlemen and bartenders active in the parish.

This is only one of the many activities of PLAY FOR CHANGE, the Fondazione Milan programme set up to help young people at risk find their path and fulfilment.

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