(IN THE PHOTO: Riccardo Montolivo on the ball)MILAN – Milan lost 1-0 to Udinese but the post-match statistics speak volumes about the performance. Milan had 65% of the possession compared to Udinese on 35%. Starting from this, we can start to analyse the match Udinese-Milan.It was a difficult match from the very start, but played well by the rossoneri, above all in the first-half. Pazzini, Honda and Robinho created a series of goal scoring chances. The two full-backs, and in particular De Sciglio, were very purposeful in attack and in the build-up play.It’s not just by chance then that the player who had the most touches of the ball was in fact Mattia De Sciglio.5 shots by the rossoneri in contrast to 3 by Udinese. 3 shots saved compared to Udinese’s 2. In short, Milan didn’t disappoint in the attacking phase. If that wasn’t enough, the number of passes completed also stands out: Milan made 485 passes with an 81% success rate. Numbers that fall slightly with long balls (76%) but superior to those of their opponents on Saturday evening.Please click here to see the photos from Udinese-Milan.