After Week 36: When can AC Milan or Inter win the Scudetto 2021-22? Anna Italia
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👉  The verdict is just around the corner.  The main question going around is: “When can AC Milan or Inter win the Scudetto?”  Let’s share the different scenarios after the Serie A Week 36 results.  There are only 2 more games to end the season with 6 available points.

For the moment, AC Milan have 80 points after defeating Hellas Verona and are in the 1st position while Inter have 78 points after defeating Spezia and are in the 2nd position.  However, the motivation is high for Inter after winning the Coppa Italia Frecciarossa Final defeating Juventus.   Inter already won the Supercoppa Italiana, the Coppa Italia, and their dream will be to win the Scudetto too.  Simply put, my friends, the battle is tough between AC Milan and Inter.

Simply put, AC Milan can win the Scudetto next Sunday 15 May.  How?  Well, it depends on whether Inter win or lose against Cagliari at the Unipol Domus.  If Inter lose and AC Milan defeat Atalanta in San Siro, then, AC MILAN will win.  However, if Milan and Inter win their respective games, then, the winner will be decided on Week 38 on Sunday 22 which is the end of the season.

Inter can win the Scudetto on Sunday 22 May in case of defeating Cagliari and Milan losing to Atalanta.  The gap would be only 1 point and can claim the Scudetto on Week 38 if Inter defeat Sampdoria and Milan lose to Sassuolo.  Bottom line, Inter throws away precious points for the Scudetto after losing the Serie A Week 35 game against Bologna.

✅  Breaking down the final road for AC Milan or Inter to win the Scudetto based on points after Week 36:

A – If AC Milan beat Atalanta and Inter draw or lose in Cagliari: AC Milan 83, Inter 79 or 78. Scudetto will be for AC Milan with one game to spare.

B – If AC Milan draw with Atalanta and Inter lose in Cagliari:  AC Milan 81, Inter 78. Scudetto for AC Milan with one game to spare.

C– Now, everything will be postponed to the last Round 38, if AC Milan and Inter get the same result in Week 37 (this means both win, draw, or defeat).

All the best to both teams. AC Milan ❤️🖤  and  Inter  💙🖤


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