ADIL RAMI TO THE MILAN CHANNEL: “Compact against Genoa”

MILAN – Adil Rami spoke exclusively to the Milan Channel this afternoon:“I’ve noticed that we’re improving as now we understand that we have to play compact. We’re doing better at both ends of the pitch and that’s what we have to do against Genoa to confirm the good form that we’re in. I’ve already scored at the Marassi stadium but I’m not thinking about scoring. I want to focus on defending and if they don’t score even a single goal, that’ll mean I’ve done well. After that, a goal would be a bonus. Everyone knows that Mexes and I are friends but I don’t want to talk just about him as I’ve too much respect for my other team mates. I don’t follow foreign leagues a lot but I’m French and I know that PSG are a strong team. Milan are my only team though. I want Kakà to stay at the club as he’s important for the team. He’s strong and has a lot of experience. I think he’s one of the best players on the squad. The decision’s not mine to make but I hope he stays here to help us win the league next year. We can still do well this season. We have the derby against Inter coming up and that’ll be a great match”.