Photos: AC Milan Training Wednesday 30 July 2014, Pittsburgh

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AC Milan coach Filippo Inzaghi directing the first training session in Pittsburgh on Wednesday 30 July 2014.  AC Milan are preparing for the game against Liverpool in the International Champions Cup after losing the first two games against Manchester City and Olympiacos.   Pressure not only for Milan’s defense, but also for strikers to start scoring goals.  It’s a must win game now after showing poor results in the United States.

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Here are the photos of the training courtesy of






AC Milan forward Stephan El Shaarawy

AC Milan goalkeeper Gabriel




Italy Serie A Tickets 2014 – 2015 Fixtures

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Lega Serie A announced the Serie A fixtures for the 2014- 2015  season on Monday 28 July.  Serie A TIM will kick-off on 31 august 2014 and will finish on 31 may 2015.  Four midweek rounds are planned – Wednesday 24 September, Wednesday 29 October, Tuesday 6 January and Wednesday 4 April.  There will be six Sundays with no Serie A games:  7 September, 12 October and 6 November are set aside for international fixtures, 28 December and 4 January fall within the Christmas break, then there’s another breather on 29 March for more international games.

The TIM Cup – Coppa Italia  will start on 10 august, the final act of the tournament is scheduled for Sunday 7 June , with Wednesday 20 May set aside as an alternative date, while the Supercoppa TIM between Juventus and Napoli has been scheduled for 23 December.

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Serie A Tickets will be posted here when Lega Serie A announces the new calendar dates

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Serie A Week 1 31/8/14

Atalanta – Verona Cesena – Parma Chievo Verona – Juventus Genoa-Napoli AC Milan – Lazio Palermo – Sampdoria AS Roma – Fiorentina Sassuolo – Cagliari. Torino -Inter Udinese – Empoli

Serie A Week 2 14/9/14 Cagliari-Atalanta Empoli-Roma Fiorentina-Genoa Verona-Palermo Inter-Sassuolo Juventus-Udinese Lazio-Cesena Napoli-Chievo Parma-Milan Sampdoria-Torino

Serie A Week 3 21/9/14 Atalanta-Fiorentina Cesena-Empoli Chievo-Parma Genoa-Lazio Milan-Juventus Palermo-Inter Roma-Cagliari Sassuolo-Sampdoria Torino-Verona Udinese-Napoli

Serie A Week 4 24/9/14 Cagliari-Torino Empoli-Milan Fiorentina-Sassuolo Verona-Genoa Inter-Atalanta Juventus-Cesena Lazio-Udinese Napoli-Palermo Parma-Roma Sampdoria-Chievo

Serie A Week 5 28/9/14 Atalanta-Juventus Cesena-Milan Chievo-Empoli Genoa-Sampdoria Inter-Cagliari Palermo-Lazio Roma-Verona Sassuolo-Napoli Torino-Fiorentina Udinese-Parma

Serie A Week 6 5/10/14 Empoli-Palermo Fiorentina-Inter Verona-Cagliari Juventus-Roma Lazio-Sassuolo Milan-Chievo Napoli-Torino Parma-Genoa Sampdoria-Atalanta Udinese-Cesena

Serie A Week 7 19/10/14 Atalanta-Parma Cagliari-Sampdoria Fiorentina-Lazio Genoa-Empoli Verona-Milan Inter-Napoli Palermo-Cesena Roma-Chievo Sassuolo-Juventus Torino-Udinese

Serie A Week 8 26/10/14 Cesena-Inter Chievo-Genoa Empoli-Cagliari Juventus-Palermo Lazio-Torino Milan-Fiorentina Napoli-Verona Parma-Sassuolo Sampdoria-Roma Udinese-Atalanta

Week 9 29/10/14 Atalanta-Napoli Cagliari-Milan Fiorentina-Udinese Genoa-Juventus Verona-Lazio Inter-Sampdoria Palermo-Chievo Roma-Cesena Sassuolo-Empoli Torino-Parma

Serie A Week 10 2/11/14 Cesena-Verona Chievo-Sassuolo Empoli-Juventus Lazio-Cagliari Milan-Palermo Napoli-Roma Parma-Inter Sampdoria-Fiorentina Torino-Atalanta Udinese-Genoa

Serie A Week 11 9/11/14 Cagliari-Genoa Chievo-Cesena Empoli-Lazio Fiorentina-Napoli Inter-Verona Juventus-Parma Palermo-Udinese Roma-Torino Sampdoria-Milan Sassuolo-Atalanta

Week 12 23/11/14 Atalanta-Roma Cesena-Sampdoria Genoa-Palermo Verona-Fiorentina Lazio-Juventus Milan-Inter Napoli-Cagliari Parma-Empoli Torino-Sassuolo Udinese-Chievo

Serie A Week 13 30/11/14 Cagliari-Fiorentina Cesena-Genoa Chievo-Lazio Empoli-Atalanta Juventus-Torino Milan-Udinese Palermo-Parma Roma-Inter Sampdoria-Napoli Sassuolo-Verona

Serie A Week 14 7/12/14 Atalanta-Cesena Cagliari-Chievo Fiorentina-Juventus Genoa-Milan Verona-Sampdoria Inter-Udinese Napoli-Empoli Parma-Lazio Roma-Sassuolo Torino-Palermo

Serie A Week 15 14/12/14 Cesena-Fiorentina Chievo-Inter Empoli-Torino Genoa-Roma Juventus-Sampdoria Lazio-Atalanta Milan-Napoli Palermo-Sassuolo Parma-Cagliari Udinese-Verona

Serie A Week 16 21/12/14 Atalanta-Palermo Cagliari-Juventus Fiorentina-Empoli Verona-Chievo Inter-Lazio Napoli-Parma Roma-Milan Sampdoria-Udinese Sassuolo-Cesena Torino-Genoa

Serie A Week 17 6/1/15 Cesena-Napoli Chievo-Torino Empoli-Verona Genoa-Atalanta Juventus-Inter Lazio-Sampdoria Milan-Sassuolo Palermo-Cagliari Parma-Fiorentina Udinese-Roma

Serie A Week 18 11/1/15 Atalanta-Chievo Cagliari-Cesena Fiorentina-Palermo Verona-Parma Inter-Genoa Napoli-Juventus Roma-Lazio Sampdoria-Empoli Sassuolo-Udinese Torino-Milan

Serie A Week 19 18/1/15 Cesena-Torino Chievo-Fiorentina Empoli-Inter Genoa-Sassuolo Juventus-Verona Lazio-Napoli Milan-Atalanta Palermo-Roma Parma-Sampdoria Udinese-Cagliari

Serie A Week 20 25/1/15 Cagliari-Sassuolo Empoli-Udinese Fiorentina-Roma Inter-Torino Juventus-Chievo Lazio-Milan Napoli-Genoa Parma-Cesena Sampdoria-Palermo Verona-Atalanta

Serie A Week 21 1/2/15 Atalanta-Cagliari Cesena-Lazio Chievo-Napoli Genoa-Fiorentina Milan-Parma Palermo-Verona Roma-Empoli Sassuolo-Inter Torino-Sampdoria Udinese-Juventus

Serie A Week 22 8/2/15 Cagliari-Roma Fiorentina-Atalanta Empoli-Cesena Inter-Palermo Juventus-Milan Lazio-Genoa Napoli-Udinese Parma-Chievo Sampdoria-Sassuolo Verona-Torino

Serie A Week 23 15/2/15 Atalanta-Inter Cesena-Juventus Chievo-Sampdoria Genoa-Verona Milan-Empoli Palermo-Napoli Roma-Parma Sassuolo-Fiorentina Torino-Cagliari Udinese-Lazio

Serie A Week 24 22/2/15 Cagliari-Inter Empoli-Chievo Fiorentina-Torino Juventus-Atalanta Lazio-Palermo Milan-Cesena Napoli-Sassuolo Parma-Udinese Sampdoria-Genoa Verona-Roma

Serie A Week 25 1/3/15 Atalanta-Sampdoria Cagliari-Verona Cesena-Udinese Chievo-Milan Genoa-Parma Inter-Fiorentina Palermo-Empoli Roma-Juventus Sassuolo-Lazio Torino-Napoli

Serie A Week 26 8/3/15 Cesena-Palermo Chievo-Roma Empoli-Genoa Juventus-Sassuolo Lazio-Fiorentina Milan-Verona Napoli-Inter Parma-Atalanta Sampdoria-Cagliari Udinese-Torino

Serie A Week 27 15/3/15 Atalanta-Udinese Cagliari-Empoli Fiorentina-Milan Genoa-Chievo Inter-Cesena Palermo-Juventus Roma-Sampdoria Sassuolo-Parma Torino-Lazio Verona-Napoli

Serie A Week 28 22/3/15 Cesena-Roma Chievo-Palermo Empoli-Sassuolo Juventus-Genoa Lazio-Verona Napoli-Atalanta Milan-Cagliari Parma-Torino Sampdoria-Inter Udinese-Fiorentina

Serie A Week 29 5/4/15 Atalanta-Torino Cagliari-Lazio Fiorentina-Sassuolo Genoa-Udinese Inter-Parma Juventus-Empoli Palermo-Milan Roma-Napoli Sassuolo-Chievo Verona-Cesena

Serie A Week 30 12/4/15 Atalanta-Sassuolo Cesena-Chievo Genoa-Cagliari Lazio-Empoli Milan-Sampdoria Napoli-Fiorentina Parma-Juventus Torino-Roma Verona-Inter Udinese-Palermo

Serie A Week 31 19/4/15 Cagliari-Napoli Chievo-Udinese Empoli-Parma Fiorentina-Verona Inter-Milan Juventus-Lazio Palermo-Genoa Roma-Atalanta Sampdoria-Cesena Sassuolo-Torino

Serie A Week 32 26/4/15 Atalanta-Empoli Fiorentina-Cagliari Genoa-Cesena Inter-Roma Lazio-Chievo Napoli-Sampdoria Parma-Palermo Torino-Juventus Udinese-Milan Verona-Sassuolo

Serie A Week 33 29/4/15 Cesena-Atalanta Chievo-Cagliari Empoli-Napoli Juventus-Fiorentina Lazio-Parma Milan-Genoa Palermo-Torino Sampdoria-Verona Sassuolo-Roma Udinese-Inter

Serie A Week 34 3/5/15 Atalanta-Lazio Cagliari-Parma Fiorentina-Cesena Inter-Chievo Napoli-Milan Roma-Genoa Sampdoria-Juventus Sassuolo-Palermo Torino-Empoli Verona-Udinese

Serie AWeek 35 10/5/15 Cesena-Sassuolo Chievo-Verona Empoli-Fiorentina Genoa-Torino Juventus-Cagliari Lazio-Inter Milan-Roma Palermo-Atalanta Parma-Napoli Udinese-Sampdoria

Serie A Week 36 17/5/15 Atalanta-Genoa Cagliari-Palermo Fiorentina-Parma Inter-Juventus Napoli-Cesena Roma-Udinese Sampdoria-Lazio Sassuolo-Milan Torino-Chievo Verona-Empoli

Serie A Week 37 24/5/15 Chievo-Atalanta Cesena-Cagliari Empoli-Sampdoria Genoa-Inter Juventus-Napoli Lazio-Roma Milan-Torino Palermo-Fiorentina Parma-Verona Udinese-Sassuolo

Serie A Week 38 31/5/15 Atalanta-Milan Cagliari-Udinese Fiorentina-Chievo Inter-Empoli Napoli-Lazio Roma-Palermo Sampdoria-Parma Sassuolo-Genoa Torino-Cesena Verona-Juventus

“Tevez father kidnapped and freed. Inter for Pablo Osvaldo or Chicharito. Football Federation in Crisis,” Front Pages La Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere dello Sport, and Tutto Sport from Wednesday 30 July 2014

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Good morning my friends.  How are you?  I am just happy because AS Roma defeated Real Madrid yesterday in the International Champions Cup, wohoooooOO!!!   I am also super mega happy because the father of Juventus forward Carlos Tevez was freed after being kidnapped for 8 hours in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  Headlines reporting the ransom was for 36 thousands Euros.   Tevez will not play in the friendly game today against Cesena.

And here we go again with the on going Tutto Sport saga on Javier Hernandez “Chicharito.”  It is curious that in the past two days only Tutto Sport mention the interest of Inter to sign Chicharito, but neither the front pages from La Gazzetta dello Sport not Corriere dello Sport had mentioned it.  The point is that according to Tutto Sport, Inter need to sell midfielder Fredy Guarrin to buy Hernandez.  However, headlines also indicating that striker Pablo Daniel Osvaldo is closer to sign for Inter.


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Here are the front pages from Italy main Sports newspapers La Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere dello Sport, and Tutto Sport from Wednesday 30 July 2014


La Gazzetta dello Sport
Front Page, Prima Pagina
Wednesday 30 July 2014


Buenos Aires, father free in 8 hours. The Juventino was ready to depart
The great fear of Tevez
Quick kidnapping of his father: ransom of 36 thousand Euro

Exclusive interview
Thohir speaks
“I want an Inter in the style of Mazzarri”
“I like the energy the coach puts in the games. De Laurentiis must stop attacking him. Vidic is our conductor.”
Osvaldo is a step away, it looks like a swap with either Taider or Campagnaro.

Double party
Barbara and Adriano. A century of AC Milan in two birthdays
Adriano turns 70, Lady Berlusconi 30.
How the most strangest “couple” in the world live.

Italian Football Federation Presidency
The case of Tavecchio and the FIGC. Pallotta: “He embarrasses Italy.” Malago the commissioner?

Euro League, Tomorrow with Brommapojkarn.
Torino, debut in Sweden. Barreto and Larrondo for goals

Market, United want €19 million.
Fellaini-Napoli: ok from Van Gaal. Barca to Cuadrado: “Rebel.”


Photo: Front Page - Prima Pagina La Gazzetta dello Sport  Wednesday 30 July - Mercoledi' 30 Luglio


Corriere dello Sport
Front Page, Prima Pagina
Wednesday 30 July 2014

Football Federation in crisis, heading towards a commission
Malago or Fabbricini if Tavecchio moves aside.

Napoli, Fellaini says yes
The Belgian player accepts the offer from Bigon, iron arm with United who are asking for €19 million.

The Apache knew about it while training.
Tevez, his father was kidnapped and rescue was a drama
Freed after an eight hours nightmare in Argentina.

Campbell, AC Milan are pressing

Osvaldo is closer to Inter

De Vrij signed, Lazio don’t stop

Cuadrado, Fiorentina irritated with Barcelona

Everton, €30 million for Lukaku


Tutto Sport
Front Page, Prima Pagina
Wednesday 30 July 2014

Ekdal, ex-Brommapojkarn.
“Toro, you can only win in Stockholm.”

The match will be broadcasted on the internet.
What a blow: no TV. Barreto prenotes the goals

In Buenos Aires, his father kidnapped and freed
Tevez relief
For eight hours in the hands of kidnappers. A ransom of €36,000 was paid.
Carlos returns just as he was getting on a plane. He will miss Cesena tonight.

20:45 hour
Juve restart in the style of Conte. Allegri believes: “Vidal will remain.”

Taider or Kuzmanovic to Southampton.
Inter, there is Osvaldo. And for Hernandez, Guarin is the offer

Not just a friendly with the Bianconeri.
Cesena also play for Padoin and look to Babacar

Amongt tension and the no from Kramer.
Benitez laughs about it: “I would like Kim Basinger at Napoli…”





< ![CDATA[MILAN - The Milan Primavera, led by coach Brocchi, are currently at their training camp in Temù until August 10th and in their first friendly of the summer they beat Ciliverghe by 8-1.The first half finished 4-0.The goals for the rossoneri were scored by affa (3), Vassallo (2), Crociata, Fabbro e Ronchi.To view the photos click here]]>


(IN THE PHOTO: Barbara Berlusconi and Adriano Galliani together at Casa Milan)


MILAN – It’s good to celebrate together. It’s a Milan thing to share the same birthday. Best wishes Barbara! Best wishes Adriano! The official site of the club has not only allowed itself to use a confidential tone, but to be affectionate to the two major resources of Casa Milan.

The birthday of Barbara Berlusconi, born July 30th, 1984, is a day of celebration for a someone who fell in love Milan thanks to her dad, our president. The scent from the candles on her cake augur a bright future. In their trail, the hopes of all Rossoneri fans for the global development of the club

The best wishes to Adriano Galliani emerge from the distance, down through the intertwined history from the various eras of Silvio Berlusconi’s Milan. Born July 30th, 1944, Galliani viscerally loves the Rossoneri colours, his life’s devotion. The Fan Among the Fans will be at work today for the team and for next season.
It’s July 30th: Happy Birthday again!


MILAN – Soccer Bible, one of the most authoritative international football websites, has compiled the ranking of the 20 most stunning football shirts for next season. 
In the first place, AC Milan’s away jersey, just launched recently in New York. 
For Milan, which has always the white shirt in its heart – and on the podium of the Champions League Final – it is a very special satisfaction. This recognition also works as an incentive to always do well and always improve. 
Milan finished ahead of Inter, Everton, Chelsea and Roma, then the others, all the way to Atletico Madrid in 20th place. 
For all the details, click here.


< ![CDATA[MILAN - Rossoneri and bianconeri face each other almost immediately on matchday 3 of the new season and also play against each other in the TIM Trophy 2014 on August 23 in Reggio Emilia.This is how the mini-tournament will play-out.-Juventus - Milan 8.45pm-Loser match 1 - Sassuolo 9.45pm-Winner match 1 - Sassuolo 10.45pmThe rules are the following:The winner of every match will be awarded 3 points, 0 points to the losers. In case of a draw the games will go to penalties to decide a winner according the FIFA regulations. At the end of the penalties 2 points will be awarded to the winning team and 1 to the losing team.At the end of the tournament the team with the most points will be the winner of the TIM Trophy 2014. In case of a draw between two team, the head-to-head will be taken into account and if all three teams have the same number of points then goal difference will come into play. In case even goal difference is the same then the amount of goals scored will be used to decide a winner and if two teams have scored the same amount of goals then the head-to-head will again be taken into consideration. If there is a complete draw between all three sides then the team that has he lowest average age will be declared the winner.]]>


< ![CDATA[MILAN – The conclusion of Arrigo Sacchi’s adventure as co-ordinator of the Italy National Youth Sector has not gone unnoticed by his counterpart at Milan, Filippo Galli, who on his facebook profile commented, "I thank Mr Sacchi for his valuable contribution in recent years to the development of youth football in Italy, for his cooperation and openness. I find it hard to think about Arrigo away from football but I think it is right to respect his choice. A strong and affectionate hug to a great maestro."]]>


< ![CDATA[MILAN - Former Milan coach Arrigo Sacchi’s four mandate at the helm of Italy’s Youth Sector came to a close today: "I have to thank my assistant Maurizio Viscidi and the Federation,” said Sacchi, “who have decided to invest in youth in a country that does not believe it. ""I am disappointed to leave this position, which I care a lot about,” he confessed, “but I have a terrible opponent who I have managed to keep at bay for 22-23 years but now in the end is winning: stress. I advised the FIGC a year ago I would have left at the end of the four years. I was a good father as I neglected my daughter, and I do not want to do the same with my granddaughter, who was born two and half years ago. I am no longer a young man, my recovery time is longer. "Among the various positive results obtained from the National youth team in the last four years, the second-place finish at the European Under-21 Championship behind Spain still stands out. "We eliminated a team like the Netherlands,” said Sacchi, “and five of the Dutch players turned out in the semi-final of the World Cup in Brazil. In these four years we have worked very hard, we tried to give the kids their own space, and an international outlook. Youngtsers like De Sciglio, Florenzi, Insigne and Immobile have shown their worth in Serie A, while others like Verratti, Caldirola, Donati, Fausto Rossi, passed from Serie B to some of the most important foreign clubs."]]>


(IN THE PHOTO: Training this morning in Pittsburgh) 
PITTSBURGH – Work continues at Heinz Field, Pittsburgh for Milan. The Rossoneri were put through their paces this morning in the first of two training sessions planned for the today. 
The session saw the Rossoneri initially warming up with floor exercises, strengthening exercises and running, before starting ball work. 
The training was primarily tactical: after the warm-up, the squad was divided into two groups, based on their positions. In one half of the pitch, the forwards and midfielders focused on attacking schemes. In the other half, the defenders worked on playing the ball out of defence. 
Cristian Zapata participated in the warm-up and in the first drills before following a personalised session. 
In the afternoon the training session at Heinz Field is open to the public. 

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