“Cristiano Ronaldo presented, fans in delirium. Mourinho wants Bonucci and Perisic,” La Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere dello Sport, and Tutto Sport from Tuesday 17 July 2018

By Anna Italia
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Good morning, my friends.   It’s a new day in Italy…  The day after the Cristiano Ronaldo Day in Turin.  Headlines showing the enthusiasm for the arrival of CR7.  I totally agree with Juventus fans that with him to win the Champions League is easier.  However, my friends, the headline giving me a big BAM is that about Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentis saying that Ronaldo’s agent Mendes offered him to them first…  Oh my gosh, can you imagine Cristiano Ronaldo with Napoli…. another great Maradona  story?   Bottom line, Cristiano chose Juventus and said it was the only offer he got.   Oh oh… oh well….. enjoy the headlines.   Italian transfer market going wild…..

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Here are the Front Pages of Italian main sports newspapers:  La Gazzetta dello Sport, Corriere dello Sport, and Tutto Sport from Tuesday 17 July 2018.

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La Gazzetta dello Sport, Front Page, Tuesday 17 July 2018

It’s already Ronaldo No Limits
CR Everything
“I want to win every game and leave a mark in Juventus’ history.”

Insigne:  “One cannot win alone, Messi stronger”
Lorenzo launches Napoli, we are the anti-Juventus.  Ancelotti the best signing.

Benefits of the World Cup
Brozovic-Perisic, Inter discover the gold of Russia

Mirabelli and Fassone in England
Blitz Milan
In London for Morata

Corriere dello Sport, Front Page, Tuesday 17 July 2018

The Champion!
The first Bianconera day of Ronaldo has been a delirium of passion.  He is the unexpected Champion from whom the fans pretend to have the Cup of  dreams.
“I chose Juventus for a long time, it has been easy, I will make history here because I bring luck.  Is my challenge to win the Scudetto in Italy.

There is no money: Bari cancelled
The club cannot subscribe to the Serie B, disappearing also Cesena.  Today the process to Parma and Chievo.

“My No to Cristiano”
De Laurentis confirms:  “Mendes offered him to Napoli, I will explain to you why we did not closed”

Reds in advantage on Sarri (who is closing for Rugani)  Roma await for the offer
Alisson, Liverpool and Chelsea moving

Tutto Sport, Front Page, Tuesday 17 July 2018

Toro, Atalanta, Genoa spring for Kruic

Despite the fans
Elliot does not change:  Leonardo to Milan

Even PSG for the defender
Mou, spending in Italy
Bonucci with Perisic

Historical clubs failed
Bari and Cesena:  It’s over
Avellino tremble

Super Ronaldo show, fans in delirium
Only Juve
“I am here to enter in the history of the Club.  The Bianconera’s offer has been the only one that I had received.”
The Champions?  I hope to bring luck.  At my age, others go to China, I am different. I feel like a twenty-three years old.

Paratici reveals: “The bicycle kick goal at the Stadium, the standing ovation, then he called. I want Juve”
The embrace with the new teammates
Chiellini:  “Now you have to run.”  CR7: “I am ready”