Welcome back to Congo, mundele!

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KINSHASA – This is the greeting that always welcomes the Inter Campus delegation when it returns to meet with the children of the Ujana Association of Kinshasa, where they continue their activities under the guidance of our tireless representative, Alain Tsepuk. Beginning this year they will be joined by a fantastic group of girls, wearing their local colours as they wait to put on Nerazzurri shirts that will soon arrive. But the brief wait didn’t stop them from competing in a heated match, just as the other players did. They’re a passionate group and will certainly be a pillar of the Congo project.

We were happy to observe how the Kimbondo centre, linked to the children’s hospital of Padre Hugo and the Agape Association, has become a reality. The pitch with the dressing room was completed thanks to donations collected by UNICEF during the tour of the treble trophies, and with support from ICEI. The youth centre may be small but it has become the first and only one in the entire Mont Ngafula district, with tournaments organised by the youngsters on their own. These things are helpful in countering the total absence of activities, which for local youths often results in associating in unsavoury social circles, or spending the day drinking beer and sniffing glue.  

Also worthy of mention is the Inter Campus centre in Kinshasa, where the work proceeds but in the face of thousands of logistical problems (the waters of the Congo River are difficult to contain). Now grass is finally growing on the pitches that in a few months will host all the teams connected to the UNICEF NGOs, including that of Inter Campus. 

We bid you farewell until February, when the centre will be inaugurated!