President Thohir: “We always have to give our best”

MILAN – Nerazzurri president Erick Thohir joined us at Inter Channel for a brief chat today. This is what he had to say.
Welcome to Inter Channel, president Thohir. It was a shame about Inter’s result against Cagliari. Do you think the team deserved more? 
"Well, we didn’t play a very good first half. We were much better in the second half. I think it’s important for the players, the coach and even myself to enjoy this kind of situation. But at the same time we have to get results for the fans and the club. It’s like standing on top of a hill on a windy day. But it’s expected because this is Inter. There’s going to be a lot of pressure and expectations. And because we’re at Inter we need to make sure we give our best when we have the opportunity to play."
What did you like most about the team?
"The team is more balanced after the January transfer market. We have the possibility of attacking through the middle now, and not just on the right and left. And we’ve added a player that provides us with more cover on the wing in the case of injuries or suspensions."
Icardi demonstrated his quality. Can we look at the future with more confidence? 
"I agree. Icardi can be an important player. But this is a team and we need more than one player to win. At the same time we have Milito, Palacio and Botta – and Icardi, of course. And they have to work together for goals, because we can’t just play defensively without scoring."
On Saturday there’s Roma v Inter. What kind of game are you expecting? 
"We performed very well in Florence when we beat Fiorentina. It’s a very exciting league here in Italy. We need to earn points away as well as at home, since we only have 13 games left. We want to get points from all the remaining games in order to reach our target of qualifying for Europe. It wouldn’t be good for Inter to go two seasons in a row without playing in Europe."
What has your impression of Italy been over these last few days?
"As I said, very unpredictable and exciting. But I have high hopes that Serie A will work together with the teams and referees to create a better product. Serie A is competing against other leagues in the world, like the English Premier League and the Bundesliga. So we need to work together as a league along with all the components, meaning the referees and teams as well."     
Is there anything you would like to say to the fans at this moment?
"This is a transition period and it will take two to three years. But we had some good results from the January transfer market. We added some good players, and hopefully in the summer we can add some more to make a competitive team for Europe. Hopefully the next season will be a strong one, but we want to make sure the team will be complete in the next three to four months. And I think it’s important to share the same vision between the management, the coach and the players."