Inter Campus at the UN’s Youth Leadership Camp

BERLIN – Finally they were on the pitch together. The United Nations’ department for Sport for Development and Peace (UNOSDP) and Inter Campus met up once again after having formalized their collaboration in New York in 2012 at the UN building.
It was on the KienBaum pitch near Berlin that Inter Campus gave the educational training session for the Youth Leadership Camp’s football phase, organised by the UNOSDP.  
The Youth Leadership Camp is an initiative created for young coaches between the ages of 18 and 25 who have distinguished themselves in their communities for their organisational skills and their dedication to sports projects for peace and development. These instructors are also able to benefit from the initiative since they lack the funds to participate in such specialised courses on sports and other disciplines.   
The Berlin Camp focused in particular on thirty young Africans hosted by the UNOSDP after having been recommended by several non-profit organisations throughout the world, many of which are Inter Campus partners.  
This was the case for Samrach Poeng, an instructor with the Mission Possible NPO, an Inter Campus partner in Cambodia. He was able to participate in the recent Youth Leadership Camp in Tokyo, which was dedicated to coaches in Southeast Asia. 
Other young men and women arrived from Ghana, Congo, Kenya and South Africa and were able to take part in these two intense days of lessons both on the pitch and in the classroom. 
It was an environment that fostered the exchange of ideas and opinions, and the Inter Campus staff of Alberto, Silvio, Aldo and Nicoletta tried to respond to all the participants’ questions as they listened to their fascinating and inspiring stories. It’s easy when everyone shares a common passion for sport and, most of all, football!