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Product Overview
The Hype Squat Rack is designed to hold the bar safe and secure, with the heaviest of weights.A squat rack (or power rack) is an essential piece of gym equipment for anyone partaking in weight training and weight lifting exercises. The Hype Squat Rack offers a versatile weight training solution – Adjusting to different height levels, to suit your individual needs.Hype’s Squat Rack is suitable for a range of movements such as; Squats, bench presses, curls, upright rows, shrugs and calf Raises… To name just a few!Weight lift training can become difficult, when relying on others to act as a spotter. The Hype Squat Rack offers adjustable bar hooks and safety spotter bars – Keeping you in control.The Hype Adjustable Squat Rack provides a flexible training solution, especially for those who weight train from home. The spotter width can be adapted to suit any bar length, while the adjustable height allows exercises to be completed safely.  Hype’s Squat Rack is simple to use and features a sturdy and robust design, made to the highest standards. Offering a variety of free-weight training exercises, perfect for use in both home and commercial gyms. The Hype Squat Rack is the ideal training partner to help you achieve mass muscle gain, increase strength and improve fitness levels and training performances.
When Best To Take The Product
Suitable to for commercial and home gym use.

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