MILAN – AC Milan and the San Siro are preparing for the match of the year: the derby, the eagerly anticipated match by both sets of fans who will add to the spectacle through their passion, chants and choreography. The appeal of this derby match this weekend however will also include another important aspect: AC Milan will be continuing in their promotion of Fair Play, but in a new way. Fairness and respect for the opponents are values that have always distinguished the Milan DNA and which Barbara Berlusconi, strongly committed to this cause, has every intention of focusing on. These values always take centre-stage during the pre-match entertainment put on by the club.And on Sunday, the whole stadium will be brought together to chant as one, both sets of fans, united in a symbolic and precious pact of mutual respect. The key players to help this all come together are the Curva Sud, the Curva Nord along with the two Italian comedians Ale and Franz. Franz, a Milan fan, Ale, an Inter fan, will firstly speak to the crowd alongside Daniele Bossari which will all be shown on the giant screens inside the stadium. They will then make their way to the Milan and Inter sections of the stadium respectively to support their team. The idea for the stadium chant came from Milan and was immediately taken on board enthusiastically by Franz, Ale and the two sets of fans.So, along with the tactical talk from the two ex-goalkeepers Sebastiano Rossi (Milan) and Francesco Toldo (Inter) and the on-pitch entertainment which includes freestylers and more, fans will now also be taking part in this special and unique initiative launched by the club.The countdown can now begin, for an evening of football, entertainment, passion and pride.