(IN THE PHOTO: the club-president speaks to the players) 
MILANELLO – President Silvio Berlusconi made his 13th visit to Milanello since the start of the season on Friday. The club president was in good spirits and arrived in an Audi at around 14.00. 
Upon arrival, Berlusconi met with Filippo Inzaghi and greeted the players gathered in the lunch-hall following their morning training session at Milanello. For the occasion, a cake was made by Francesco Manico from the Croissant d'Or patisserie in Sesto San Giovanni (Milan) which was said to have been “delicious” according to the club president. 
Then, Berlusconi had the chance to speak to the entire squad ahead of this Sunday’s home match against Udinese. This is what he said, starting by expressing his satisfaction with the derby day performance: "You didn’t let Inter play, and this already seems to me a good thing, they didn’t play, you stopped Kovacic, and for this my compliments to Essien. Menez’s goal was wonderful, a father again. It wasn’t a bad match, you fought with lots of strength, enthusiasm and passion, congratulations for this. Now in every match we must make a step forward, an extra improvement. I encourage the coach to make changes, so that no one feels excluded and so that they always have the desire to continue making sacrifices by keeping themselves in shape.Luckily I have a good sense of humour, it’s a big defence against everything, against evils, use it as often as you can. You, Stephan, remember to put your head further forward, this way the shot goes lower, put lots of heavy things in your hair, this way it comes naturally to lower your head and the shot will go lower, if you have your body up high, the shot goes high.I know there’s a good atmosphere amongst you, I’m happy, I’m always here for you like a big brother or as a grand-father, as you prefer. After a break in the last 3 years I’m back to being the president again and I can take care of these things." 
The President’s visit came to an end at 16.15.