Adriano Galliano wrote this letter to the president of the FIGC Carlo Tavecchio this morning about the use of technology on the pitches of Serie A.
This is what the letter said:
Dear Carlo,
After another episode of a 'goal-not-goal' during Sunday's match against Udinese I have no doubt that the moment has come for Serie A to adopt the technology that allows us to verify whether the ball has crossed the line or not.
As you well know the IFAB allows the use of Goal Line Technology (GLT) since 2012 and FIFA was also quick to adopt their quality program for GLT that draws the guidelines for the use of this technology for every Federation.
As you also know, the Premier League has also taken this route adopting the GLT Hawkeye in Arpil 2013 and this was further tested at the 2014 World Cup with success.
I believed and continue to believe even more strongly that the Italian Football Federation must follow suit. It is absolutely necessary in order to help out our referees in evaluating certain episodes and to avoid that any human error cancels out the good work done by our match officials during the course of the championship.
I hope to hear from you soon on this subject in the hope that you will agree with me. Thank you for your attention.
Kind regards
Adriano Galliani