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Some results count more than the score

One of these projects is the We Play programme promoted by Briantea84 and Fondazione Milan in collaboration with La Nostra Famiglia in Bosisio Parini. Taking part in the CSI (Centro Sportivo Italiano – Italian Sport Centre) 11-aside football provincial championship by an integrated team composed of players with and without intellectual and relational disabilities means that on the pitch there is so much more than a simple (and understandable) desire to win.
Headed by Giorgio Pagani, this group is getting a lot of experience. The championship began in October and will finish 22 matches later at the end of April. The last home game was on 26 February at the Toto Caimi pitch in Cantù. A challenge with a predictable result: the most classic turnaround between Briantea84, at the bottom of the table in round B of Como Serie B (second division), and Polisportiva Cucciago 80, leader of the classification with 10 wins and one draw to its credit.
“Clearly, our aim is not the result” – Coach Pagani admitted – “but to build a solid group. So far, time and experience are telling us that we’re on the right track: from the point of view of a youngster who chooses to play in an integrated team, there is the chance to be on the inside and see the dynamics that would be difficult to explain. The hope is that they play WITH disabled youngsters and not just to please them. There is a subtle but important difference. From the point of view of our players with intellectual difficulties, there is the pressure and desire to improve in a context of normality, where it’s the good athletes who are playing, irrespective of disabilities”.
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“Scuola bottega” successfully completes its first term

The “Scuola Bottega” project is aimed at children who are likely to drop out of school, helping them obtain their middle school diploma by alternating school with work, sports and professional workshops.
Every year it runs two classes, divided by age group: one for “junior” students (aged 14-15), and one for “senior” students (16-17).
A key part of the appraisal process is a meeting with each student, their family, school contact person and Scuola Bottega representative. Students listen as their report card is read out, including details of the progress they’ve made and any difficulties which still need to be worked on.
In the junior class, 3 out of 4 students (75%) achieved an improvement in their school results and behaviour. After their first term working with Scuola Bottega, alternating classroom lessons with carpentry workshops and sports sessions, middle school teachers reported a radical change in students’ attitudes – so much so that they feel they are dealing with “different people”.
In the senior class, emphasis has been placed during the first term on improving students’ knowledge of Italian. This year, none of the students on the course is a native Italian: 79% are unaccompanied non-Italian minors who have been put forward by their host communities.
Despite their difficulties in learning and limited self-sufficiency when it comes to studying, 100% of pupils have been allocated work placements and apprenticeships at the start of the second term. After careful consideration, Scuola Bottega has decided to give all students this chance to experience a non-educational environment where it’s not only their grasp of Italian but also their drive and enthusiasm that count.
To find out more, read the project information sheet here 

Fondazione Milan rallies runners

Play for Change now has six centres throughout the country and each one is responsible for 15-20 youngsters at risk between 11 and 20 years of age. Thanks also to the involvement of sports centres, schools and local youth centres, a personalized educational project is prepared and implemented for each of them, with daily support provided by a team composed of an educator, a psychologist and a coach. The youngsters are encouraged to regain confidence in themselves, to establish more balanced relationships with adults and, gradually, to start studying again or enter the job market. 
Fondazione Milan will offer its runners a race Kit and a package of exclusive services: registration for the event, personalized t-shirts supplied by adidas, a training programme with a trainer from Milan Academy, a series of meetings with the relay runners and operational and logistical support up to the final celebration at the arrival point.
Thanks to the helpfulness of Milan Academy coaches, we will accompany the runners along the relay preparation route. For six Mondays from 15 February to 21 March, the group will meet from 19.00 to 20.30 at the Montagnetta, San Siro, to be on form and be prepared for the marathon under the expert guidance of a professional coach.
Nutrilite, leader of the vitamin and dietary supplements sector, has decided to run alongside Fondazione Milan. It is now a fundraiser and to show its commitment it has also decided to donate bibs to anyone who combines the solidarity and sport challenges by starting an online fundraiser on the Rete del Dono portal with the aim of raising 500 euros for each relay race.
Now is the time to start running to achieve an important objective together.
For full information, please call 02 62284577 or write to

Integration also means fencing

The “Sport Exclusively for Everyone” project aims to make 5 different sports disciplines accessible to children and teenagers in the south of Milan, in order to create opportunities for meeting, playing and integrating without differentiating between youngsters with or without disabilities. 
The first two courses began in January!
The Basketball course involved a mixed group of 10 boys between 7 and 12 years of age, 50% of whom had specific educational needs.
Registered for the Fencing course were 4 boys with and without psychomotor and intellectual disabilities.
Although the number is small, they are highly motivated:
“The fencing course began at last on 22 January! I’ve been asking my mum about the lesson with Alessandra since the open day in December!”, 10-year-old Marco told us. “I didn’t think I’d be so enthusiastic, I’ve made new friends of all ages and at home I even follow the competitions on TV!”
Luca, 11, added “In a wheelchair or on two feet, student or teacher, everyone plays with everyone; if you’re not playing, you referee. I’ve learned that even if I lose I have fun anyway. Thanks to the person who had this great idea and to everyone who worked hard to make it happen!”
At the end of the month the Indoor Rowing and Dancing classes will also begin, with eight people signed up for each of them. Registrations for 5-aside football are also open. 
To find out more, visit the project programme here 

DERBY FOR PEACE, Sunday 31 January 2016


Milan-Inter in the name of peace with Scholas.

Milan, 28 January 2016 – This weekend’s derby between Milan-Inter will be promoting the message of peace with the support of Scholas; the international educational entity founded by Pope Francis with the objective of promoting integration and peace between people through sports, art and technology.

The decision follows on from last November when the club’s Vice President Barbara Berlusconi signed an agreement on behalf of AC Milan with His Holiness and in which a commitment was made to back Scholas as well as to organise Derbies for Peace. This weekend and ahead of the kick-off, the aim is to carry out the ‘olive-tree ceremony’ at the San Siro with the captains from each team. This symbolic gesture will close an initiative that started in August 2013 when the Pope handed the olive-tree, the universal symbol for peace, to the captains of Argentina and Italy, Messi and Buffon, before the match for peace at the Stadio Olimpico in Rome. On that same night there was also the official unveiling of Scholas.

“After identifying the social role that football plays, the large numbers of young people involved and the importance of their integration through sport, art and technology, Scholas is now carrying out its projects in 82 countries.”José María del Corral, Director General Mondo Di Scholas created by Pope Francis.

“Football is without doubt the most extraordinary means of global communication and way of bringing people together. With this in mind, sport and its values become a fundamental element for social development and through which to invest in the potential of young people, getting the best out of their abilities and supporting their development. From this premise, a collaboration between Scholas Occurrentes and Milan Foundation was created and which begins in occasion of the Derby for Peace and foresees the support of the Play for Change project carried out across Italy.”Barbara Berlusconi AC Milan Vice President and President of the Milan Foundation. 

Thanks to the Milan Foundation, you can give your support by sending a text message to 45598. The funds raised via the text messages will go towards the Play for Change project which helps youngsters regain confidence in themselves and gradually start studying again or enter the job market. Backing the project in occasion of the derby Milan-Inter will be Scholas Occurrentes. The funds raised by Scholas meanwhile will be for the Scholas Ciudadania – Scholas Cittadinanza projects and the initiatives in Africa and Latin America. 

More on Scholas:

Scholas is an International Organisation of Pontifical Right, approved and established by Pope Francis on August 13, 2013 in the Vatican City. It uses technology, art and sport to promote social integration and the bringing together of cultures for peace. The organisation is present in 82 countries through its network of more than 400.000 schools and educational centres with headquarters in the Vatican City, Argentina, Spain, Paraguay and Mozambique. The mission is to achieve integration between people, especially amongst those with fewer resources, through the efforts of all social partners. It works with schools from both the private and public sector and of all faiths. Sport, art and technology are the tools to make the aforementioned goals possible with some of the most important characters and organisations across the world already responding to the appeal of Pope Francis through Scholas and working for a peaceful and integrated world. 

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Scholas Cittadina: this is an educational programme for the training of secondary school students and that seeks to promote civil participation in young people, starting from the most pressing issues and generating changes in themselves and their surroundings. The programme works with students from different schools situated in different districts, both in the public and private sector, religious and non-religious. It was valued as a highly innovate and effective integration experience. 

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FutVal: this is a programme with the aim of instilling values through football which teaches young people to interact and work as a team and prioritise the good of the team ahead of the individual. This experience aims to help the development of children and young people in vulnerable situations and is for those between 7 and 18 years in testing social situations and difficulties. FutVal reaches out to these young people through football schools, oratories and organisations that educate through sport. The objective is to enrich the lives of children, young people and communities through sport and football. 

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