“Scuola bottega” successfully completes its first term

The “Scuola Bottega” project is aimed at children who are likely to drop out of school, helping them obtain their middle school diploma by alternating school with work, sports and professional workshops.
Every year it runs two classes, divided by age group: one for “junior” students (aged 14-15), and one for “senior” students (16-17).
A key part of the appraisal process is a meeting with each student, their family, school contact person and Scuola Bottega representative. Students listen as their report card is read out, including details of the progress they’ve made and any difficulties which still need to be worked on.
In the junior class, 3 out of 4 students (75%) achieved an improvement in their school results and behaviour. After their first term working with Scuola Bottega, alternating classroom lessons with carpentry workshops and sports sessions, middle school teachers reported a radical change in students’ attitudes – so much so that they feel they are dealing with “different people”.
In the senior class, emphasis has been placed during the first term on improving students’ knowledge of Italian. This year, none of the students on the course is a native Italian: 79% are unaccompanied non-Italian minors who have been put forward by their host communities.
Despite their difficulties in learning and limited self-sufficiency when it comes to studying, 100% of pupils have been allocated work placements and apprenticeships at the start of the second term. After careful consideration, Scuola Bottega has decided to give all students this chance to experience a non-educational environment where it’s not only their grasp of Italian but also their drive and enthusiasm that count.
To find out more, read the project information sheet here