Fondazione Milan rallies runners

Play for Change now has six centres throughout the country and each one is responsible for 15-20 youngsters at risk between 11 and 20 years of age. Thanks also to the involvement of sports centres, schools and local youth centres, a personalized educational project is prepared and implemented for each of them, with daily support provided by a team composed of an educator, a psychologist and a coach. The youngsters are encouraged to regain confidence in themselves, to establish more balanced relationships with adults and, gradually, to start studying again or enter the job market. 
Fondazione Milan will offer its runners a race Kit and a package of exclusive services: registration for the event, personalized t-shirts supplied by adidas, a training programme with a trainer from Milan Academy, a series of meetings with the relay runners and operational and logistical support up to the final celebration at the arrival point.
Thanks to the helpfulness of Milan Academy coaches, we will accompany the runners along the relay preparation route. For six Mondays from 15 February to 21 March, the group will meet from 19.00 to 20.30 at the Montagnetta, San Siro, to be on form and be prepared for the marathon under the expert guidance of a professional coach.
Nutrilite, leader of the vitamin and dietary supplements sector, has decided to run alongside Fondazione Milan. It is now a fundraiser and to show its commitment it has also decided to donate bibs to anyone who combines the solidarity and sport challenges by starting an online fundraiser on the Rete del Dono portal with the aim of raising 500 euros for each relay race.
Now is the time to start running to achieve an important objective together.
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