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“Team Work” – We put the best team in the field.


The most effective educational activities are those that are combined with the reality of workSo after last week’s first interview simulations, the members of the “Team Work” project today visited the Nutrilite spaces where they were the guests at an educational workshop.

In the morning, the work was divided into three sections focusing on as many key subjects: how a company functions and the various internal roles; the organization of the Human Resources office and what a selector expects for the different profiles sought; lastly, the main sales techniques for direct marketing.

It was great to see the more self-confident youngsters taking an active part in the simulations.

We hope that in the following weeks they will handle the interviews with the same spirit.

The company that hosted the youngsters organizes this workshop even though it is not directly involved in the project. It does it because it has supported the work of Fondazione Milan for many years now. Sharing objectives and methods of action is at the basis of this collaboration and its presence in the front line: Nutrilite has decided to run at the Milano Marathon together with Fondazione Milan to support the projects.



The Shave your Style – #rispettailmiostile campaign was in Naples.

NAPLES – The fifth meeting as part of the Shave your Style – #rispettailmiostile campaign, launched by Braun and the Milan Foundation to promote the issue of respect, stopped off in Naples on Monday the 25th of May.

The main theme during the meeting was “the different styles in the world… inclusion and integration” and it took place at the UMBERTO I high-school. The students had the chance to discuss the issue of respect with several important guests such as former boxer Patrizio Oliva, ex-Serie A coach Gigi De Canio, Ciro Borriello (Sports Assessor for the Naples Council), Annamaria Palmieri (Training Assessor for the Naples Council) and Gianfranco Coppola (RAI journalist and USSI Vice President).

Together, they took part in an interesting and stimulating discussion about confidence in themselves and respect for other styles and talents, underlining how teaching respect is just the starting point to create a positive form of leadership and to avoid negative forms. Open dialogue between youths and positive role models is one of the core principles of the Shave your style – #rispettailmiostile project.



The fourth meeting as part of the Shave your style #rispettailmiostile took part last week in Palermo. Braun and the Milan Foundation, along with Palermo’s midfielder Enzo Maresca, Totò Schillaci and Michelangelo Capitanio, head of the city’s youth correctional facility, were all on hand to promote the message of respect amongst young people.

Palermo, 23 April 2015 – Braun, leader in shaving equipment, has renewed its collaboration with the world of sport and along with the Milan Foundation launched Shave your Style #rispettailmiostile earlier this season, a project for young people aimed at making them more aware of the importance of respect towards others and the styles that characterise them, where style is not only an aesthetic code but also a way of life, of being and of presenting oneself. The idea is to promote respect and to make these young people appreciate the style that distinguishes others, a necessary part of life for social integration both in the workplace but also in school and on the field of play.

The project is divided into different activities;

– A school education project that involves 30 schools in 5 different Italian cities throughout the year, with courses for students and teachers and also events in the five cities that will give people a chance to talk to experts about the arguments surrounding respect. The project will involve about 5000 young people.

– An educational program that directly involves students, invited to share their stories about ‘style and respect’.

– A fundraiser aimed at consumers via the social media website of P&G and shops that sell Braun products.

– An information campaign aimed at the Milan Scuole Calcio in Italy (nearly 30000 kids).

The fourth meeting took place in Palermo and was titled “Scegliere il proprio stile o dipendere” (Choose your own style or depend) at the Istituto Ascione, in via Centuripe 11. Three top guests were on hand to talk about the issue of respect: Enzo Maresca, Palermo midfielder, Michelangelo Capitanio, head of the city youth correctional facility, Totò Schillaci and RAI journalist Roberto Gueli.

The underlying theme to emerge from the latest meeting was that respect for others is the starting point for a positive form of leadership and instilling healthy working relationships with others. The Shave your style #rispettailmiostile project has always aimed to promote its message via an open dialogue between respected figures and role models with the participants and the fourth meeting was no exception.

As part of the project, Braun and the Milan Foundation have also turned to the Agostino Gemelli Psychology Educational Institute from the Cattolica del Sacro Cuore University in Milan to research the topic of respect in Italy via surveys, laboratory tests and interviews across schools.

4 Milan players have backed the campaign too and the following are all ambassadors for Shave your style #rispettailmiostile: Keisuke Honda, Nigel De Jong, Philippe Mexes and Sulley Ali Muntari.

The project-research can be broken down as follows:

• A quantitative research conducted by the Agostino Gemelli Psychology Educational Institute among school-kids aged 14 to 18 years. This involves educational workshops with groups sharing ideas and creating an open dialogue on the issues of diversity and respect of styles.

• Meetings with experts and AC Milan ambassadors on a range of themes that look further into the issue of respect. Each theme is tied to a city.

-leadership (positive styles versus bullying);
-as a matter of style in asserting one’s own positive form of leadership and comparing it with others;
-all of the styles of the world… inclusion and integration;
-choose your own style or depending (dependence and self-affirmation);
-tutors, volunteers, coaches… the altruistic approach.

• Educational materials for schools, which are available to view and download from the Milan Foundation website:

-methods for peer education and peer tutoring for the active involvement of young people;
-reasons behind the main causes of personal distress and relationships;
-strategies and techniques for the management of group dynamics;
-behavioral risks and signs of discomfort;
-behavioral risks and discomfort: expert advice and who to turn to.

• An educational competition in which schools are invited to participate. This calls on students to record their experiences with photos, videos and digital storytelling in their “stories of style and respect.”



Give your 5 x 1000 to the Milan Foundation and help change lives.


MILAN – The Milan Foundation in 2015 have launched social inclusion projects for youths in difficulty through physical activity and sport. The projects are aimed at those from 12 through to 18, both Italian and those from abroad, that are going through tough personal and family situations and are in need of a helping hand to get their lives back on track.

The youths are offered the chance through sport and physical activities to develop their talents and at the same time receive a boost to their self-esteem and confidence. What is more, by being a part of a stable and structured environment they have an ideal chance to establish personal and working relationships all under the banner of respect for one another. All of this is made possible by expert group leaders who are side by side with the youths and support their development path.

You can now give your support to such projects by giving your 5 x 1000 to the Milan Foundation in the CUD, 730 or UNICO tax forms. By doing so you will be playing your part in the Milan Foundation’s aim to share with youths the important values that come from sport and help them take on their personal challenges in a positive manner.

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