Rossi: "We’re hoping to have a great season. Those tweets? It was just to clear up a few things I’d read in the papers"

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Giuseppe Rossi spoke to journalists in the press room at Moena’s Centro Sportivo Benatti after the Viola’s morning training session.

On being left out of Italy’s World Cup squad by Prandelli
“I’m not interested in what the former Azzurri manager says. I’m totally calm about everything and I’m just looking forward now.”

Would you tweet the things you said before the World Cup again?
“Of course. I wasn’t attacking anyone. All I did was clear up a few things I’d read in the papers.”

What about Conte as the next Italy coach?
“That would be great. He’s a winner.”

How are you feeling now?
“I’m in great shape. I’m doing athletic work with the rest of the team every day. I’m very tired and that’s a good sign.”

What do you wish for Fiorentina this season?
“That we don’t lose players mid-campaign because we want to have a great year.”

Will the fans get the chance to see Cuadrado, Gomez and Rossi together?
“That would be great. Juan and Mario are both top players. Unfortunately I haven’t had much chance to play alongside Gomez.”

Can you see yourself as the Fiorentina captain one day?
“The gaffer doesn’t even pick me as captain in training… [said with a grin]”

Is it time you won something in a Viola shirt?
“Definitely. We went very close last year in the Coppa Italia.”

When will we see you in a friendly?
“We’ll see if I play against Kalloni on Saturday. There’s no rush.”

Can Fiorentina get into the Champions League spots?
“We think we’re a side that can aim high.”

How’s your knee?
“I need to do a bit more strength work than the others. That’s all.”

Are Germany the example everyone should look up to now?
“Of course. Their attacking play is so organised.”

Which players were you most impressed by?
“Schweinsteiger impressed me.”

What sort of coach will Inzaghi be?
“We’ll see. He was a great player. I’m sure he’ll know how to manage the group and the times when the pressure starts hotting up.”