#OneTeam, Dragowski on becoming a keeper, his idols and Ribery’s impact

Bartlomiej Dragowski took part in our #OneTeam Q&A session alongside Fiorentina Women’s FC goalkeeper Stephanie Ohrstrom on Thursday, answering questions sent in by fans in a live social media broadcast.

There were plenty of questions sent in for both keepers, with Dragowski touching on everything from his hometown club, his childhood idols and his best mate in the Viola dressing room.

We’ve picked out a few of the best questions below.
What’s the key to becoming a successful goalkeeper?
“That’s a good question but there’s no one answer. It’s important to give 100% in everything you do, every day, in training. Our position is a very individual position. You spend a lot of time doing nothing and that means you need to be focused mentally. You have to work on that too – you can’t forget about the mental side of things.”
Do you have a favourite ever save?
“All saves are good. I’m always happy when the ball doesn’t go in because sometimes a good save can lead to a goal. For a keeper, the best thing is to get a clean sheet. I prefer to go all game without facing a shot, though! When the team is playing well, I’m more relaxed.”
Which team do you support?
“I was always a fan of my hometown club: Jagiellonia Bialystok. I started training there when I was young and it was there that I started out as a player. I’m still a big fan. They’re not doing badly this year but they can always do better.”
Who was your goalkeeping idol growing up?
“My idol was Artur Boruc. I tried to copy everything he did when I was younger. Nowadays I have a few goalkeepers I like to observe: [Marc-Andre] ter-Stegen, Alisson, Ederson. I try to learn something different from all of them and incorporate that into my own game.”
How important is it for a goalkeeper to be good with their feet and was that hard for you?
“Well, I started out as an outfield player, on the wing, but I would only run forwards! I wasn’t so good as dropping back. It’s important for goalkeepers to be good with their feet nowadays – some keepers are like playmakers for their teams now. They start moves off and virtually all moves go through the keeper.”

Who’s your best friend in the squad?
“We’ve finally signed another Polish player in Szymon Zurkowski. He’s speaks my language and we’ve know each other for a while. That said, I get on well with all of the lads in the dressing room.”
How big an impact has Franck Ribery had this season?
“He’s the kind of player that can make the difference. He’s got huge quality. In the dressing room he’s a fantastic person. It’s hard to put it into words. He’s really important for the team. Away from the pitch he’s always making jokes, laughing, making people laugh… He’s great.”

Published: Thu, 14 Nov 2019 15:39:00 +0100

Source: Fiorentina Official website en.violachannel.tv