(IN THE PHOTO: Ricardo Kakà smiles for the camera)MILAN – Ricardo Kakà was interviewed at 12.30 on Monday in an exclusive Q&A with the Milan fans via the club’s official Twitter account @acmilan.Here were some of the best questions and answers:Q: How are your children settling in Milan? Does Luca like going to the stadium?A: They’re settling in really well. They’re learning Italian. Luca really likes football and he loves coming to the stadium!Q: What’s the best of your 101 goals scored with the Milan jersey?A: Every goal is important. The best? Maybe one of the two I scored against Manchester United. Do you agree?Q: Who is the best player that you’ve played against in your career?A: The best that I’ve played against have been Zidane and Messi. One of the best I’ve played with is Cristiano Ronaldo.Q: What do you do in your spare time or when you’re on holiday?A: I spend my spare time with my children, by trying out new restaurants and watching lots of films. I also like to travel!The following question arrived from Atletico Madrid’s official Twitter account:Q: In what frame of mind do Milan go into this Wednesday’s match?A: After Friday’s win, we’re confident and ready for Wednesday.Q: Who is your favourite singer?A: I love music, but I don’t have an absolute favourite singer.Q: Who inspires you in life?A: Jesus for one, my wife Caroline and my family.Q: Are you enjoying it with your new coach?A: It’s the first time that a former team-mate is my coach. I’m really happy about all of this and I believe that Seedorf will do a great job with us.Q: The Primavera side play in the final of the Viareggio Tournament today, who do you think from that side is ready to play with the First Team from next season?A: Amongst the lads from the Primavera side I would say: Modic, Benedicic and Vido. Good luck for today lads!Q: Whose the best defender that you’ve played with?A: Paolo Maldini!Q: Are you a good cook? What is your favourite Italian dish?A: I can cook simple things. I love pasta!Q: Who helped you develop and become one of the best footballers?A: There is only one response to that: my fantastic family.Q: Will you be taking part in the World Cup in Brazil in June?A: I’m doing everything in my power to be there. We’ll see if I’m called up to the squad in May.Q: If they were to make a film about your life, which actor would you like to star as yourself?A: Definitely Tom Hanks.Q: Thanks for coming back! How did you meet your wife Caroline? We’re waiting for you on Wednesday!A: I met Caroline thanks to my father!Q: I was certain you would come back. You?A: I always thought that I would come back to Milan.Q: If you hadn’t become a footballer, what job would you have done?A: I think that I would have become an engineer, just like my father!Q: Do you dream of becoming a coach one day, like Seedorf?A: I don’t think so, I don’t know if I’ll miss the playing field in the future…who knows!
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